Overwatch League and Call of Duty League loses sponsors

07 Aug 2021

Scandal struck the community last week after scandalous sexism accusations have thrown Blizzard in a downhill spiral that we haven’t seen in years. While Overwatch boosting services and Call of Duty boosting services remain healthy and in good state the esports scene on the other hand is suffering terrible losses. Blizzard and Activision are under attack and now Overwatch League and Call of Duty League became the new target with sponsors leaving at the time we are writing this news article. It started with Coca-Cola, then State Farm jumped to Pringles and Cheez-It Grooves and the situation is now chaotic with teams activating emergency funds looking for loans and most importantly trying to solve this huge problem for the community. Why is Call of Duty Cold War boosting unaffected? Surprise to the player base but not for us at Boosting Market. Call of Duty Multiplayer boosting is a force to be reckoned with. For a long time COD Camo boosting, Call of Duty Weapon Level boosting, Operation boost, COD Calling Cards boost and Call of Duty Wins Boosting have been strong. Also consider that the game is backed by Activision, not Blizzard so it’s resisting the terrible shadow that has affected Blizzard in the last days. Clients have been enjoying their COD boosting games as best as they can trying to ignore that Activision sister company Blizzard has failed women rights that could not even breastfeed in peace which is kinda ridiculous and shocking but true only the legal system can solve it now. Overwatch League viewership lowering and the end of the League With views dropping substantially amid the Blizzard Entertainment fan sabotage and adding to the fact that Coca-Cola, State Farm, Pringles and Cheez-It Grooves all left the League within 24 hours we can assume safely that while is too early to make a call if Overwatch League will end or not we do know with the global pandemic the League also was unaffected to a point where it had to fire several people and reduce the number of heroes from 6 to 5. Massive retirement is also affecting the League making it hard to renew the player base since Contenders and Open Division have close to 0 investment. They have tried to boost a house from the roof instead of building strong pillars in the ground and this has created a never ending vicious malifice for the health of the League, fans and players! Will the Call of Duty League also fall this year? We cannot disclose much since the only info we have comes from professional Call of Duty boosters that have inside info but we do believe the Call of Duty league is here to stay. Probably most people did not expect this but the major difference again is called Activision. Blizzard entertainment is under attack, not activision. We can now assume that Call of Duty is safe for a few more years and that’s one more reason to keep grinding and boosting all your way up!
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