Overwatch reveals McCree’s new name Cole Cassidy | Blizzard offers free game name change

24 Oct 2021

Overwatch's most iconic heroes will be having a drastic name change as of  Oct. 22. This was done to create some distance from the alleged sexual abuser.  There are real-life allegations surrounding the person whose name was used to name mcree. The cowboy known not only in the Overwatch Boosting world but also generally by the community as Jesse Mcree will be renamed Cole Cassidy. This was announced by Blizzard last week and the community was in shock. Although this name was much needed the name was only publicly revealed today. Cole Cassidy’s name will be officially put into the game on Oct. 26 and will go live on the Overwatch Servers soon.  The problem circulating is that when Overwatch was originally created the Blizzard team and Jeff specifically gave the cowboy from the west the name Jesse McCree after a real-life Blizzard Entertainment developer. That developer was accused of vast sexual harassment lawsuit against Blizzard earlier this year.

The community is split the more progressist players support the decision some more conservative players are against it. If games are art then what the artist did should not be relevant for the end product. On the other hand some people think that although these are only allegations Blizzard and Activision must delete Jesse Mcree from the game and erase it from history. If you ask me I do not know which side to take. It’s hard for real! 

Mcree is not the only one changing name says Blizzard 

All players will have the option to change their BattleTag for free—but only once. This is the first time Blizzard has done anything like this so fans are really happy obviously. This is also great for Overwatch Boosting since we deal with lots of smurfs daily! 

This came to mind for Blizzard to commemorate Overwatch’s Mcree new name. After players use their free BattleTag change, all subsequent changes will cost $10. If players have yet to use the free name change that they receive upon making their account, they will not receive another one. Blizzard notes on its forums that these requests may take up to four weeks to complete, and the names that are requested must fulfill Blizzard naming guidelines or else they will be denied.

Will more heroes change name after this fiasco? Will Mcree only Overwatch boosting be affected by any means? 

Supposedly no but after this decision we can imagine it’s not impossible. As of right now it’s the first time in the history of videogames a character name is changed due to sexual abuse allegations so I’m interssested to see if more characters will suffer name changes or Cole Cassidy will be the only one changing it’s name. About Overwatch Boosting we can only say that we will comply and change the name on the website. We do not expect people to stop asking for orders to climb with the hitscan name but some people are really doing a boycote to the character so it's not impossible. 

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