Overwatch Support Tier List | How to play Overwatch Support & best support heroes

11 Jul 2021

Overwatch boosting has expanded from Overwatch rank boosting to a multitude of services, this game is so appreciated by the public and our clients that we have decided to make a special series of tier lists in order to help you choose the best heroes for each role and rank. As you know in Overwatch competitive matchmaking there are certain heroes better than others but also in game modes like quickplay you can shine with your friends if you play the right character. This Tier List was made with the help of our professional boosters that play across multiple leagues worldwide. We have people from 5 different continents: Europe, South America, North America and Asia. As you know playstyles differ from region to region so it was important for us to gather professional boost experts for as many regions as we could to vote and ultimately decide which are the best agents for each role in Overwatch. Who better to decide this than our boosters? For this tier list we have decided to focus on Support heroes. There are currently 7 support heroes in Overwatch: Ana, Baptiste, Brigitte, Lúcio, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta. For this tier list we will give you the top 3 of the best all around heroes you must play in order to reach a high win rate. What is the role of support heroes Support's main task is to heal their teammates and help in the more defensive and subtle tasks. They are the brains and the backline of any team. Support heroes boost the overall performance of their team by boosting their health, speed, and damage output depending on the hero you choose to play. #3 Ana is an amazing hero. Congrats to Blizzard because this hero is unique as far as Hero shooters go. Ana combines the ability to snipe with the ability to heal. She is the ultimate duelist and don’t get me wrong she could be top 1 if it wasn’t for the other two heroes that I will list below. Ana is extremely good and we advise you to use her starting in Diamond and onwards. She is good when used in high ranks. #2 Mercy is an old school hero. She is extremely good at healing and boosting it’s opponents damage and she also has a rez ability. This hero has been through a lot of changes in the last years but we still consider her a must pick. We advise her in every rank, from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Plat. She is good if you are starting and gets harder in higher ranks. #3 Lúcio. The master of all supports, Lúcio not only gives heal but also speed. He was involved in every meta from the start of the game. Lúcio never got much buffs or nerfs but got some. Even so he maintained his place as the best support from 2016 through 2021. What will happen in Overwatch 2? We don’t know, but we do think he can still be the best.
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