Patch 2.06: VALORANT boosting Viper and Yoru will change the meta.

01 Apr 2021

Today Riot Games dropped a new patch and most people are focusing their attention on the fact VALORANT boosted Viper and Yoru. I’m not a specialist in VALORANT coaching but I hope this article makes it more clear which aspects of these agents will be improved. Hopefully you will achieve a desired VALORANT MMR boost in matchmaking. Viper and Yoru pick rate Viper and Yoru have been absent from both esports and ranks in general for a long time in VALORANT. Yoru had a disapointing 0% pick rate in Masters across Euorpe, CIS, Turkey, North Africa, Middle East and North America. Viper had just 6.3% which is very low. Riot Games is hoping to change this by working inside VALORANT and boost these two. Valorant is an ability based tactical shooter, such elements give it the status of Hero Shooter. And we all know Hero Shooters have problems with mirror matchups as we have seen in Overwatch before. Now Riot decided to tackle this issue by nerfing and buffing certain characters. The changes Viper’s passive was upgraded, all her abilities give an immediate cripple effect lowering the enemy health to 50 HP. Health regeneration was reduced to 1.5 after leaving the AOE to balance it out. Poison Cloud can be deployed immediately after pick too. This is boosting Viper to a new level. You can expect a VALORANT rank boost if you use Viper for sure. She will now do the anchor role much better given the buffs and abilities she already possessed. Making her potentially unstoppable Yoru kit was insanely hyped up. People thought he would be the best agent to date but the hype didn’t live up to it. After several VALORANT coaching sessions, Michael Joynt a famous VALORANT booster gave the following statement about Yoru: "Following 2.06 patch, Yoru became the perfect Agent for VALORANT Rank boost" These are strong declarations coming from a professional VALORANT booster and professional player. Yoru boosts mobility utility that is unparalleled in VALORANT ranks, that much we knew. But claiming he is the best to climb in a VALORANT MMR boost? Yoru ultimate points changed from 7 to 6 and that’s a huge change. We have seen how agents with 6 ultimate points rise in meta. For example Team Liquid using Scream as a Phoenix. Dimensional Drift an ultimate that makes Yoru invisible will boost is viability for sure. For the second change Yoru teleporter is no longer refreshed on kills and instead every 35 seconds. Lastly Yoru teleporter lasts 30 seconds instead of the old 20. Bucky - The most hated weapon in the game got nerfed Yes, all VALORANT fans are happy with this change. People were VALORANT boosting their MMR by simply playing Bucky. This weapon got a needed nerf and we are all happy with it! The changes include a reduced amount of pellets with nerf to damage per pellet too. Bullet spread on both firing modes has also decreased, downgrading from 3.4 to 2.6 on primary fire and 3.4 to 2.0 on secondary fire mode.
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