Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre battle pass level 100 rewards!

03 Dec 2021

Today we present to you all you have to know about the new Rainbow Six Siege Operation High Calibre battle pass level 100 rewards, challenges and more. Operation High Calibre has arrived after much speculation and this can only mean for fans and Rainbow Six aficionados the time to grind again for the R6 level 100 reward has arrived. The format remains the same people have seen in the last years but with a bonus to celebrate the release of the new operator thorn Ubisoft threw in the mix more than 100 rewards! Players will fight and grind for multiple rewards and challenges for a chance to finish the whole Rainbow Six Siege  Operation High Calibre battle pass! A lot of people have complained that getting to that level 100 in R6 is close to impossible. Luckily all of our Rainbow Six Siege  boosting services allow you to earn the much needed progress you need for the battle pass so it’s basically 2 in 1. Getting elo boosted in Rainbow Six Siege  and conquering Battle Pass progress at the same time! 

At boosting market we love guides so here is all you have to know about the new Operation High Calibre Battle Pass!! Let’s start with the price: how much does the High Calibre battle pass cost?

As always and with many games you have a free battle pass, Operation High Calibre is no different however it does not include as many rewards as the paid one you will still unlock a bunch of stuff including Alpha Packs, Weapons skins, Charms, Headgears and uniforms so better than nothing huh? The premium track however is a totally different business; it costs 1200 R6 Credits and grants you virtually everything if you manage to reach the highest level if you grind enough. The premium edition also includes over 130 rewards and the new operator thorn so we really advise you to buy it all! Go deep in your pockets because Ubisoft really did a great job with this Operation High Calibre Battle Pass. 


Rainbow Six Siege  Esports crowdfunding where is my money going? 

Pretty big trend nowadays with games like Valorant and Dota creating ingame content which part of the selling goes to the prize pool of the game main event. It’s the case with the Valorant Championship Tour, Dota 2 International and now Ubisoft decided to do the treat and add a similar mechanic. With this said all Rainbow Six Siege esports fans will be able to contribute to the Six Invitational 2022 prize pool. Every purchase of the operation high calibre battle pass will go to the Six Invitational 2022 prize! Only a small portion obviously but still pretty good if you ask me! 

Rainbow Six Siege  Siege High Calibre battle pass challenges

So listen to this, we have 2 sets of challenges: Individual and community sounds good? There is more!  They rotate on a 15 days basis so to never miss them play every 2 weeks and you should be fine. The missions give 800XP reward which by our math is more than enough if you put the time in. To mimic other games you also have battle pass XP boosters obviously. They will allow you to collect the rainbow six siege level 100 reward faster than your friends! 

Rainbow Six Siege Battle pass rewards

Among some of the most notorious rewards you can count with: Weapon skins, Operator skins and many variations of old uniforms!  

Aethereal Flux – Rainbow Six Tier 100 reward 

The Aethereal Flux is the Rainbow Six Siege level 100 reward of the Rainbow Six Operation High Calibre battle pass! This is a full animated weapon skin and close to being the first to ever be added to the game history! We have had access to the press release through media since the release of the skin was a total secret until the day of the release of Operation High Calibre! This is the highest reward possible and is worth every single sweat of grind. The Aethereal Flux is a weapon awarded for those reaching rank 100 in Rainbow Six Siege  Battle Pass.  


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