Rainbow Six Siege best operators to pick in 2021

06 Aug 2021

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has maintained a respectable durability towards the years never ceasing to amaze and feed with experiences of the R6 boosting community. The game is an online tactical shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal and even with it’s share of sexism scandals and other issues the company is doing a great job with the game. Constant patches and fixes for the casual community and esports community are what makes it so good. But the game, as a serious problem, is not beginner friendly, and like Dota 2 boosting, professional boosters are needed to support the community. This starting difficulty has led to websites like Boosting Market creating a range of different services. Services done by professional Rainbow Six Boosters and that include R6 Placements boost, Rainbow Six Siege Rank boosting and R6 wins boost. In this guide we will help you choose the best operators for 2021 that will give you better chances to win each game. Consider that our R6 boosters have a high win rate and that’s because they know how to do it properly. They know which operators to pick and when. That’s why we created this guide in order for you to also find out which are the best and worst Rainbow Six Siege Operators to use in 2021. Now the question is if you will take the feedback and grind on it or let it pass. Our mission is to give everyone the best intel possible so they can achieve their goals this year and in the years to come. Valkyrie the defending master that has conquered fans hearts When it comes to defending Operators in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege there is no doubt that Valkyrie excels. Meghan Castellano is american born and bred in California. Her intel has led several professional teams to use her as well boosters since it’s so crucial to holding every single site in the game. When played to the best of her abilites this operator is a game changer her cams are hard to spot and the info and intel they provide is key to winning and might be the difference between victory and defeat. Play her smart and brave and you will win. MAVERICK the top attacker in the R6 This operator has a high cap, you will not master it instantly. Boosting it is easy because R6 boosting experts are used to playing with Maverick. His gadgets are top notch in various situations depending on the maps he might bring more value but no matter the occasion trust me he is the ultimate attacker in the game. Just look at Consulate and Clubhouse both maps that this Operator dominates from the start to end making wall denial unbearable for the enemy team. Smoke the unbreakable tank When you think about smoke you think about an operator that is yet to be beaten when it comes to stopping plants. It’s gas grenades can halt enemies' damage or kill and it’s irrelevant which operator you picked. You are going down. The fact the gas grenades are also remotely activated has started some drama in the community about how strong Smoke really is and if it needs to be nerfed or boosted further.
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