Riot Games Confirms New Champions Coming to League of Legends in 2023

14 Jan 2023

League of Legends had a great 2022, with plenty of interesting new champions and some huge celebrity collaborations. The biggest one of those remains the appearance of Lil Nas X as a character, along with his hit song set in the LoL universe.

The new year promises just as many exciting new developments and several new League of Legends champion moments. These will include introductions of new characters, but also changes related to the overall functioning of the game.

Overall, that completely fits into the way Riot Games approaches the support of one of the biggest MOBA games in the world. But, with the start of Season 13, all eyes are squarely on the LoL champion roadmap and which new upcoming champions will appear in the game first.

Season 13 Launch

At the beginning of the pre-season period several months ago, Riot Games decided to present new characters. The LoL audience naturally accepted the announcement with open arms, knowing that the updates will likely offer a lot more than just additional heroes.

Besides the new champion characters, the game will see a massive new patch as well. That is the LoL patch 13.1 and it will offer some of the key tweaks to the start of the Season 13, but also the year up ahead in League of Legends.

Promo poster for LoL Season 13


New Legends Champions

There are still no definite answers to the questions of additional upcoming Darkin champion, new support champion, or the precise look of the LoL champion roadmap. That has not stopped the gamers from this title speculating on what could be coming next, apart from the two known champions of Naafiri and Milo.

Also, open questions about ranked rewards, ranked play, and ranked reset remain as well. Currently, the developers from Riot are not bending backward to answer them anytime soon. Instead, they are simply saying that the start of the year will see a diverse champion pool.

That will be due to the upcoming champion releases, but also the desire of developers to expand their offer of new faces. That should include an interesting divergence from the pattern of champion released in the past year.

Interesting Design Choices

In the previous period, LoL saw a number of new champions. However, all of them have been what the League of Legends community is calling human-like or human-based characters.

Many players want to see the change in that sequence with the introduction of new monsters or at least champions who are creature-based. The developers at Riot confirmed that 2023 will see a new monster champion, even though its precise form is still unknown.

Monster Champion

Presently, it is unclear if that will be one of the announced additions or a potential brand new character. In any case, creature-based players will definitely get very engaging champion updates in the coming months.

Still, the two new characters coming to League of Legends in the near future are known and details about their roles have been made public. Here is a rundown of the basic facts for both of these.

Naafiri Rundown

Naafiri is the new Darkin champion coming to LoL. The Riot developers describe it as a midlane assassin that will ideally suit those players who focus on the hunting process. Its kit is straightforward and will most likely have multiple body variations and several forms to use. The multiple bodies angle is the most interesting element of this Darkin assassin.

The visual design is also known, with Naafiri being shirtless in at least one of his forms. However, like other Darkin champions, this one will also be imprisoned in the form of an armament.

Riot did the same for other similar characters from the Darkin domains, including Aatrox and Varus. For Naafiri, that form will be of a dagger-like weapon. Overall, her in game skill levels do not seem all that impressive, but the upcoming League of Legends season will still likely use a mid lane assassin like her.

Naafiri dagger form.


Milio Rundown

Unlike the very dark and sinister-looking Naafiri, the other new LoL champion will be quite the opposite. That is Milio and this character is an Ixtal enchanter.

His primary power relates to the use of fire and general fire-wielding. But, instead of employing it offensively, Milio will do it to soothe and heal the wounds of her team.

Additionally, Milio seems to have some helpers, with some of the promotional assets showing him handling some flame-like creatures or pets. Besides these, the same enchanter will have his trusty backpack with him as well.

This will not make him the next champion to be creature-based, but the diversity of support roles will be very appreciated by the players.

Milio support character poster.


Strong LoL Start to 2023

Two next champions in League of Legends are clearly a big development so early in the year. A mid laner and a support hero with new abilities will be instantly put in action by a range of players and ever esports teams.

At the same time, Season 13 offers so much more, from ranked skins and ranked rewards, all the way to the ranked reset. This will surely impact the entire LoL ranked system, which many players are clearly looking forward to.

Down the line, two more champions will appear in the game, with the addition of the new skins and other major updates. All of that is adding up to more than an interesting start to the next chapter of this massive game.

Back in 2022, many believed that the next year would be big for League of Legends. January is showing that the same hopes were by no means overrated.

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