Rocket League Beginner Guide Part # 2 | Rocket League Boosting

23 Oct 2021

Today we present the Rocket League Beginner Guide Part # 2! After the success of Rocket League Beginner Guide Part # 1 We are happy to announce the second iteration of this series. Several of our Rocket League boosting clients were able to climb their respective ranks after reading it and using the useful tips and tricks it came with! Psyonix created a gem, Rocket League is an absolute banger of a game. Combining the most famous sport in the world football (Soccer for Americans) with people's passion for cars turned out to be not a silly idea but a successful one for a company that was not particularly big at the time. 

Adjusting your camera and controls will win you games more than you think 

It all starts with downloading the game but Rocket League is not a normal game you have to set up properly before play. If you are jumping right into a match and getting started without the right settings it will be costly for you as the default camera settings aren’t ideal for a beginner or a pro player. It's a camera that is too close to the back of the car and blocks out important info. Players that insist in keeping the original camera settings will be doomed for their rest of the lifes the most viable option is to change it end of story. If you are not happy with it it’s fine but then don’t complain about it! Simple as that. We have several Rocket League boosting professionals that will confirm to you the same

Here are the best settings to start if you are new to the mechanical soccer game. They can be adjusted but generally speaking this is what Rocket League boosting pros use so you will be fine: 


FOV: 110

Distance: 270

Height: 100

Angle: -5.00

Stiffness: .45

Swivel: 4.50 

Movement is king, learn it and improve with it! 

Rocket League Beginner Guide Part # 2 would not be the same without some spicy movement tips and tricks. 

Rocket League Boosting was made for movement addicts that’s why so many pros are good at the game. This game boosts amazing movement possibilities. You will start mastering jumping, turning, boosting, and dodging faster than you think so don’t be shy about it. Takes time to master everything.

Dodging matters too. This is another mechanic that will be hard to adapt since you can dodge diagonally, sideways, backward and forward. Oh you can also jump twice without pushing your analog. Understand that all this mechanics and small improvements will make you better but they are not the final product you will have to grind the game a lot and often accompanied by professional Rocket League boosters if you really want to set up your game that’s how it works nowadays in an industry where players have more and more resources to get better it’s hard to do everything by your own this is the new reality, the 21 century gaming reality! 

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