Rocket League Beginner Guide | Rocket League Boosting

19 Jun 2021

Psyonix created a gem, Rocket League is an absolute banger of a game. Combining the most famous sporti n the world football (Soccer for Americans) with people's passion for cars turned out to be not a silly idea but a successful one for a company that was not particularly big at the time and now one of the biggest players in the industry. Rocket League managed to not only maintain it’s player base but also grow it specially after Psyonix was bought by EPIC, the giant owner of Fortnite and that is tackling the market with aggressive plays, striked once again by buying the Psyonix and making Rocket League a free 2 play game. So our Rocket League boosting clients ask the following questions a lot: Is Rocket League hard? How to play Rocket League? How can I get better in Rocket League? For each of this questions we have multiple answers, we want our clients to get better through boosting but we also want to give them knowledge about the games. For this reason we made the official Rocket League Boosting Market Beginner Guide. We hope this helps you get better at the game we all love. Field of View shenanigans You are probably surprised, field of view is something that usually has to be adjusted in FPS shooter games but in a game like Rocket League where cars shoot footballs? Why does that make sense? Well the game comes with a terrible FOV too close to the back of the car, this reduces your view of the field which affects your visibility of the field. This will drastically change your gameplay, believe us and try it out right now! Rocket League Rank Boosting done right How can you boost your RL rank? Try different cars. I cannot stress this enough. Different cars have different shapes and usage methods. If you stack just to one style you are wasting your potential. Try everything and then choose which type of car fits you better. Also when you play different cars you get to know how they work and how to counter them when your enemies are using them. It’s a good strategy to study and understand all cars in the game. Boost management and watching pros One of the single most importants aspects of Rocket League is the boost management. As you know your car can get boosted but that also means you have to manage this resource wisely. Right now you are probably wasting your boost a lot more than you should. Only game sense will bring you the know how of when to use it and not but usually you should not really use it unless you absolutely need it. We ask all our Rocket League Rank Boosting clients to conserve their boost as much as they can for that reason. Another great way to learn is by watching the best rocket league professionals on twitch and youtube or adding the streaming extra to your Rocket League order. This way you will be able to see our boosting professional working in real time!
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