Rocket League new update V2.O1 targets game toxicity and leavers

14 Aug 2021

The new rocket league update hit the live servers just a few days ago on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series and as a rule of thumb we all know the company behind this game rarely misses. Psyonix has led a tremendous effort to balance the game since it’s times where it was paid until the current state where it became a free to play game. We at Boosting Market have followed suit and follow the never ending growth of this game. With services targeting what our customers want the most ranging from normal boosting orders to more advanced. We offer Rocket League rank boosting, Rocket League Placements boost and Rocket League Wins boosting. This particular update did not come as softly as the others in the past according to the community reaction. So what did the community dislike? Matchmaking Penalties in Casual Playlists throw the Rocket League scene into chaos Matchmaking Penalties in Casual Playlists drew a great deal of negative press for our favorite car football simulator. While there is a part of the community that agrees with it, others cannot comprehend how leaving a casual game can be compared to a ranked match. The patch notes mentioned this issue and explained that “to improve the average match quality in Casual playlists, introducing penalties was needed for players who quit Casual games early. Similar to the matchmaking bans for Competitive Playlists, players who leave Casual Playlist matches early may be subject to a short matchmaking ban. Leaving a single match per day won’t result in a penalty, but repeatedly quitting escalates the length of the ban.” They were also nice enough to add the timers and rules of how everything will play out: * There are seven ban levels for Casual Playlists: * First - 0 Minutes * Second - 5 Minutes * Third - 10 Minutes * Fourth - 20 Minutes * Fifth - 40 Minutes * Sixth - 1 hour * Seventh or more - 2 hours * Once you progress beyond the first level, there is a 12-hour cooldown before the ban level de-escalates by one level. * You can now “Vote to Concede” a Casual Match once enough time has passed, similar to Competitive play if your team wants to leave or simply proceed to the next match. * We’ve made the following changes to backfill behavior * If a player leaves a Casual match, they will not be backfilled into the same match * Casual matches with a score difference of three goals or more will not be backfilled. Bots will replace any players who leave the match. Will the Rocket League community toxicity be fixed? Well quite honestly I do believe it will help! This penalties will target a more casual fanbase sure but this fanbase is what made Rocket League so big and famous to begin with so you do need to treat it with respect and direct your resources to it so it can improve in the future!
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