Rocket League Season 10 | Rocket League upgrade to Unreal Engine 5

22 Aug 2021

Psyonix created what is today the best car-football simulator in the world. Rocket League Season 10 did not arrived later or sooner than we were expecting more like in the right time and with it a lot of innovations. This is one of the most famous games in the world for a reason. Today they have announced an upgrade ‘Rocket League’ to run on Unreal Engine 5 and fans have reasons to be happy with this. Season Four is now live and a bunch of new items are ready to be collected, Psyonix focused their efforts in the new map that ressembles Mad-Max universe added matching items, tournaments rewards and nem modes! Boosting Market has hired several professional rocket league boosters to tackle this RL season four and the results were great so far with hundreds of orders done in just a few weeks. We focus in Rocket League Rank Boosting, Rocket League Placement Boost and Rocket League win boosting so you already know what you can count with! Rocket League map pool expands to 14 maps, new map: Deadeye Canyon is added. Deadeye Canyon was added to Competitive and Normal playlists on August 11th, 2021. With this addition the active map pool expands even further to 14 maps. The new map is really awesome and the community loves it thus far. Some reddit users even found eastereggs after the release which is also sweet from Psyonix! News map have been added before to Rocket League and they are always welcome. Both pros and casuals alike love them and this slighty but important map variation and innovation might be what gets people stuck in Rocket League for so long and is also what made it keep growing for years and years. Maps are always good news to any game but some have bugs and Deadeye Canyon is has them too but nothing that people should worry about for now in any case and specially after moving to steam and entering the mobile and consoles market Psyonix new capital also meant a bigger team something that has helped perfect maps and cars alike something that makes the whole community happy. The current active map pool now features DFH Stadium Urban Central Beckwith Park Utopia Coliseum Mannfield Wasteland AquaDome Neo Tokyo Champions Field Farmstead Salty Shores Forbidden Temple Neon Fields Deadeye Canyon Rocket League upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 The famous mechanical football game uses Unreal Engine 4 but the promise to upgrade to Unreal Engine 5 is real! According to a job listing on Psyonix’s website, the developers are looking for a marketing copywriter to assist with future projects “including Rocket League: Sideswipe (a mobile version of the game) and Rocket League’s move to UE5.” This might give a game a further boost and it's scene will shine even brigther. We do believe at Boosting Market this is good for the game but only time will tell since transfers for source 2 were talked about in CSGO and never really happen.
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