Rocket League: Women's Tournaments & More Striking News

14 Apr 2023

Rocket League will have a very dynamic couple of months in front of it. In a matter of weeks, it will see a huge women's tournament, organized by DreamHack. Besides, the players of this free-to-play title can look forward to a LAN event, new Bubble tournaments, fun YouTube shorts videos with players, but also other developments as well. It all promises a very dynamic spring for Rocket League and its fans.

Rocket League developers and the entire wider ecosystem has been working hard on ramping up the world's favorite racing football game for this spring. So far, their efforts have not been minuscule and more importantly, they included a wide association of other organizations and greater social issues.

That is why the coming days and weeks will bring a range of changes and new Rocket League developments. First of all, Rocket League is continuing with its focus on women players, this time around with a big tournament called Rocket Clash.

Besides, there are a range of changes in the domain of esports and professional teams, as well as some big retirements. Along with all of this there are upcoming LAN events and new RL Bubble Tournaments.

To top it all off, fans of this game will be able to enjoy YouTube shorts documentaries and pro players that will feature. The coming spring and early summer months in Rocket League seem more promising than ever.

DreamHack Rocket League Women's Tournament

Rocket League and DreamHack, a big tournament and esports festival organizer recently announced their Rocket Clash. This all-female tournament will include a prize pool of $20,000 and its qualification should kick-off at the start of May.

From there, four top-ranking teams will take on each other in front of live audiences at the event DreamHack Dallas. That will take place somewhere in early June.

Interestingly, DreamHack will also showcase an event where it will be possible to bring a personal computer, along with a range of other activities and attractions. Chances are that the developers will offer some limited in game events and even in game items to mark this occasion.

All of this comes as Rocket League invests in a range of women's esports events and undertakings. That included two previous tournaments and a celebration of Women’s History Month this March. Besides women's rights and their presence in critically acclaimed sports games being an important social topic, the Rocket League focus will also help diversify its gaming ecosystem.

Rocket Clash Promo Poster


LAN Events

All Rocket League fans who cherish the chance to involve themselves in LAN events will have several opportunities in the coming period. First up is 2022-2023 RLCS Spring Major and the audience will get to enjoy limited time events once more very soon.

This LAN event will start on July 6 in Boston, Massachusetts. It will be followed by the 2022-2023 RLCS World Championship, set in Dusseldorf in Germany. That will happen in early August.

Both of these events with Rocket League registered trademarks will also pull in a huge shared prize. In these, 16 teams from across the world will be competing for a prize pool of $2.1 million.

Previous Rocket League LAN event.


New Bubble Tournaments

One of the most interesting elements about Rocket League is the fact that this gaming ecosystem really rewards those who try to play the best they can. Bubble Tournaments are a means for how nearly-pro players can break into the RLCS levels of competition.

That is why so many semi-pro RL players were thrilled that they will get new Bubble Tournaments both for the EU region and that of North America. Through completing challenges, players will get a chance to crack the pro leagues.

Additionally, with nearly endless customization possibilities, this is also a great chance for individual promotion. On Bubble Tournaments, players who go for things like arcade style soccer will see a lot of social media attention that can also help them turn pro.

With all of those advantages in mind, it is clear why the RL community, used to playing online in a casual manner, is still very excited for those who will get a shot at the big leagues.

Bubble Tournament promo shot.


RL Documentary Shorts

A new video series from the Rocket League creators is also about to break out big. This is a series of short documentaries focusing on the esports players that made RL competition so incredible.

First video will showcase the famous esports competitors ApparentlyJack and Noly in their career paths. Another video will focus on Zen, an esports athlete who is considered the most anticipated pro player of RL to appear on the scene.

Producing short documentaries is clearly a very smart move from the game's creators. Now, the Rocket League inventory of video material is going to expand significantly.

Retirements and Transfers in RL

The RL also got a chance recently to take a look at big names that are retiring. Those include RLCS true legends of Turbopolsa and Torment - both will be missed and not forgotten.

Besides retirements, there are big changes in esports teams involved in RLCS. Spacestation Gaming's Daniel will join Version1. Additionally, BeastMode and Comm, famous names in their own right, will now join forces with Daniel.

According to the insiders, if the team management successfully organizes all of these big esports stars, the sky's the limit for Version1. That could include all of the big trophies in the North America region.

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