Season 13 Top 10 Marksman Champions in League of Legends

10 Feb 2023

League of Legends began 2023 in a big style, bringing about the start of Season 13. The same period will last for months, bringing players a chance to take on each other. That is true for both professional and casual players alike.

Season 13 also brought about a range of changes and nerfs, as well as a number of interesting developments so far. That took place despite the fact that Riot Games launched the current season just recently, which was back on January 10 and January 11.

One of the most interesting developing stories in that regard is the use of Marksman champions. These types of heroes are as important as they ever were in LoL and its team fight strategies, but it seems that Season 13 will take marksman class to a new level.

Here is the overview of their usability and importance, but also a pick of 10 best marksmen to put any enemy team in the most perilous of situations.

LoL Season 13 promo poster.


Attack Speed, Team Fights, and Other Tactics

The processes behind any League of Legends match are complex and intricate, while they also change over time. That is why abilities and capacities of heroes at the early game phase are often different from those at the end of a match.

Additionally, things like basic attacks differ from the hero's ultimate ability, even new ones, which can decide a match in a matter of seconds. The same goes for elements like extra movement speed, additional attack speed, and many more factors, all of which build into any match win or lose scenario.

In this regard, the choice of heroes is paramount for any team. Marksmen will likely take on enemy tanks, but also do much more with their attack range, especially in the late game phase.

However, the variety of these setups is also the reason why the upcoming list will feature many different heroes, from those who excel at poking enemies to those who are true glass cannons.

Bot Lane and Auto Attacks

In most League of Legends matches, the bot lane is the place where player stacks from two teams go to battle. Here, most teams use their marksman to be the primary dealer of damage. This character is, thanks to their ultimate ability, also the character that has to be protected.

Some marksmen heroes have the ability to both farm and fight in the bot lane. However, most of the time, because of their usefulness in early game and crucial importance in late game phases, these heroes rely on their attack speed and damage dealing more than anything else.

Season 13 Key Marksmen Heroes

The ongoing season of League of Legends already provided much excitement and generated plenty of interest among the LoL player community. Because of that, the issue of the best marksmen heroes is a very hot topic.

While there are no clear winners and losers in that regard, or a huge spike in the use of any particular hero, there are some good options for characters who can deal damage on a massive scale. Here is the selection of the best marksman heroes and their features.

10. Ashe

Ashe concept art.


As the leader of the tribe of Avarosan, many see Ashe as one of the top marksmen of Season 13. However, her Frost Shot has some downsides despite its ability to slow down enemies. These mainly come in the form of relative small potential for direct damage, especially when compared to other top marksmen. But, she makes it up with her ultimate ability called Enchanted Crystal Arrow.

9. Seraphine

Seraphine in the depths.


Seraphine is a mage that has a great potential in the domain of farming. However, she also has a huge array of spells that can provide her and her team with plenty of advantages. Also, when the fighting gets heavy, Seraphine can also deal serious damage through a pick-off.

8. Varus

Varus and his bow.


As a very versatile marksman, Varus can play a range of roles. He can play both the bot lane and the mid-lane, but his one-shot capacity is still what makes him so useful in Season 13. Also, his Immortal Shieldbow is a big advantage as well in the thick of the fight.

7. Tristana

Tristana on her trone.


Tristana and Boomer, her faithful cannon, can do wonders in the late game phase. With a high burst potential and her ability of Rocket Jump only add to that. The same goes for her Explosive Charge ability, which can deal massive damage in a blink of an eye.

6. Nilah

Nilah usin her weapons.


This hero is interesting as she offers a mixture of a marksman and a fighter. Nilah's combat takes place at very short distances, while she also boosts shield and healing spells in her team. However, her Formless Blade ability takes the fight to the enemy and deals a lot of hurt in the process.

5. Xayah

Xayah and Rakan.


Known as the Vastayan Rebel, Xayah works in tandem with her partner called Rakan. Her keystone rune called Lethal Tempo boosts her speed of attack and offers a massive boon to her team. Also, each of her attacks leaves Feathers along the way. This way, Xayah can easily win fights even when she's facing more opponents.

4. Twitch

Fully armed Twitch.


The Plague Rat of Zaun has to be considered the most cunning of marksmen in League of Legends. He can access the shadows of the Summoner’s Rift and like Varus, can gain benefits from the Ability Power build. His Deadly Venom offers a high bleed factor that slowly drains enemies of life over time. Furthermore, his Contaminate and Spray and Pray abilities add additional damage. This way, Twitch combines a lot of piercing attacks, range and bonus damage factors.

3. Jhin

Jhin concept art.


With his hand-cannon, Jhin can complete deathblow strikes on a regular basis. His ability to deal insane amounts of damage only comes into its full form in the later parts of a game. But, he also has additional aces up his sleeve. Those include the Deadly Flourish ability that roots all enemies in range and sets them up for taking on damage, but also Dancing Grenade. This ability offers a chance of seeding a lot of damage to a big number of enemies.

2. Draven

Draven over his foes.


Draven is known as the Glorious Executioner and the name fits him well. He has his Spinning Axe at his disposal and it offers a high burst potential in the early phases of a game. Draven's setup also benefits him from kills in the early part of the match. With boosts and advantages that come from that, the same hero can easily become unstoppable marksmen in the ending phases of a match.

1. Samira

Samira in the thick of action.


In Season 13, there are clearly a lot of good options for marksman heroes, but none of them are quite the choice that Samira is. Samira the Desert Rose is the ultimate queen of the whole bot lane in the present setup of League of Legends. That is why many call her the ultimate lane bully as well. She can build up multiple combos while she deals damage, leading to the Inferno Trigger. This ability will unleash a maelstrom of bullets against her enemies. Besides this, Samira is very lethal at short distances but also in mid-range fights. All of this stacks together to make her the go-to marksman hero of Season 13 in LoL.

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