Sentinels become Valorant World Champions in the VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík. Peak viewers of 1 Million Viewers

30 May 2021

The Valorant booting world stopped for 3 hours to see the greatest Valorant match ever played. The first international lan is finally over with Sentinels becoming the best team in the world without dropping a single map and coming home with the trophy after beating all regions in the world. Valorant was released back in 2020 and people had stall expectations since Riot was specialized in mobas, all of the sudden they went to a tatical shooter and tried to steal CSGO success and fame and let me tell you, it worked. Valorant is a game that mixes Overwatch and CSGO and few would believe such thing could work but it does due to Riot goddess at balancing games, agents, weapons and game modes they were able to create and boost an unique game that only Valve promise of a source 2 can challenge and even so we have doubts it really could. Sentinels the best Valorant team in the world Sentinels came in strong but nobody could believe they would become world champions. After Sinatra sexual abuse allegations the team was forced to remove Jae “Sinatra “Won from the team and replace him with the Cloud 9 super star content creator aim god Tenz. The stage was set for some amazing matches but there was a problem Sentinels went to the bracket of death as it was described by the specialized Valorant Boosting media. To make it to the final they had to beat Europe's best team (Fnatic) Brazil's best team (Vikings) and Korea's best team (Nuturn). Then they had to play Fnatic again in a blazing series where they went to 2 overtimes and the third map ended in a 13-11 confirming that although Fnatic is good Sentinels is just far better and thus the best team in the entire world right now. Nuturn the Asian surprise at Iceland Valorant right now it’s not even a top 10 game in Korea Gaming PC Bangs. So people thought it would be impossible for a korean team to make it far with such a small player base. Well let me tell you, they were wrong. Our professional Valorant boosting experts commented that Korea is absolutely amazing and they should bring more and stronger teams in future events! They are the best teams at combining ultimates and utility and surely a top favorite for Masters 3 Berlin Liquid the biggest disappointment Scream was considered the best player in the world. A Valorant booster one it’s one right if you count is amazing performances reach a big 40 frags in First Strike. But the world was shocked by how bad Liquid Valorant played. They were just inferior in all aspects beating weak teams from Latin America and Brazil but falling short against teams like Vision 1 and Fnatic from NA and EU respectively. Liquid went to the lower bracket on round 2 and the rest is history. Really bad tournament from them was a disappointment for the fans that didn’t even get to see Scream vs Tenz.
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