Shanghai Dragons win the Overwatch League championship for the first time!

27 Sep 2021

After years of suffering Shanghai Dragons went from losing 0-40 to winning the great Overwatch League championship! The team suffered with critics but at the end they came on top and that’s what matters but not only they won they dominated completely the match from start to end it was marvelous to watch and we at boosting market had a chance to watch it live with all the Overwatch boosting professionals in a late night discord call our boosters all betted in Shanghai to win expect from me, I never thought they would honestly win but they did and the rest is history they are the grand champions of Overwatch and the best team in the entire region and world becoming a case study for anyway that wants to build a team in any game from Overwatch to CSGO to Valorant this is a process that really paid off and I’m so proud of their boosting performances they made it look so easy it almost looked they were doing Overwatch boosting these were machines against man yesterday boys against man like the british casters say in Fifa! Simply amazing. The maps, the final, the emotions, the title Let’s start from the first map Shanghai Dragons display was an easy 2-0 they played the map with ease something that made fans go crazy, the second map (And remember Shanghai won the winner bracket final thus Atlanta Reign were going playing from a loser bracket point of view which is always unfair format but still Shanghai Dragons didn’t win by cheating their way to the final like the team you know I’m talking about but I won’t mention to avoid getting troubles with the law. In any case Shanghai Dragons displayed great energy and went on to sweep a Hanmura 3-2 a map and gamemode that will be removed in Overwatch 2 but still was fun (The last one we ever watched) later they played kings row something that we were not expecting but they won with ease again 6-5 bringing it all down to havana one of the last maps to be introduced in Overwatch but they also master it bringing it to an easy 3-2, really amazing display and performance made the Shanghai Dragons the warriors we all wanted to see What 's next? Will Overwatch League die? Well Overwatch is dying but because Blizzard comply abandoned it now if they did that because Overwatch 1 is coming or not we don’t know and we are not allowed to tell you but surely they have plans for the next season of Overwatch League to be played in Overwatch 2 and that’s something we want to see but as you might know they lost a lot of sponsors due to Blizzard scandals something that put the Overwatch League in a delicate positions and might bring everything down truly amazing how they were able to even held the Grand Finals in such fashion although we know the numbers were disappointing quite honestly!
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