Six Invitational 2021 Groups and Predictions. Ubisoft gets approval for Six Invitational event.

02 May 2021

The famous annual event of Rainbow Six Siege was finally approved. After games like Valorant, Dota 2 and League of Legends announced their own international events Ubisoft felt pressure from the fans, the truth it was not admissible for this event to be delayed much more, let alone to be delayed to 2022. Ubisoft knew they had to act and they did. Six Invitational is an annual professional Rainbow Six Siege tournament hosted by the game's developer and publisher. This information came directly from Montreal, the home of Ubisoft studios that have been working on the game in recent years. The “informal World Cup” of Rainbow Six Siege will take place in France, Paris and we are hyped to see who will bring the title home. If you are questioning the location of the event you have reasons to do it. Before this event was done in Montereal but due to the ongoing pandemic it will be held in paris. This is the first major event for Rainbow Six Siege since covid hit the world globally. Six Invitational 2021 Groups and predictions Group A contains 10 teams while Group B contains 9 teams due to Wildcard Gaming’s inability to attend the tournament. Group A is currently a powerhouse “the group of death”. This group was rated by our professional Rainbow Six Siege Boosters as the hardest group in the history of Rainbow Six Majors. The teams competing in Group A are the following: BDS, Cloud9, Team Liquid, DarkZero, Team oNe, Team Empire, FaZe Clan, G2, CAG, and FURIA. But Group A is only half of the show, obviously even with Wildcard Gaming inability to join the venue in France, Group B is still a force to be reckon with. The teams forming Group B are the following: TSM, Giants Gaming, Virtus Pro, Oxygen, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Spacestation Gaming, MiBR, Parabellum, and MKERS. Making predictions is extremely hard here but I pick BDS to take Aroup A first spot and TSM to take B. Why? Different reasons. BDS is playing at home, the Six Invitational 2021 is in France and the team that is in a very good form lately will be playing at home without jet lag. About TSM they are the best team in North America so I think that’s a given. Of course Latin America and Asia-Pacific will have a shot at taking the 3 million $ too. We will have to wait until May 11 to see who takes the title! Six Invitational who are the top 5 teams in Europe? Directly from Russia we have Team Empire undoubtedly the best team in Europe right now according to all ranks. BDS Esport is also a strong contender to take the title, not only for holding the rank 2 position in the siege ranks but also because they will be playing in Paris at home. G2 Esports is always a contender to win any tournament they enter, the team had ups and downs in the past like all teams but G2 Esports might surprise everyone in the Six Invitational. and Tempra Esports are also top teams in Europe to watch for, the russians and french respectively should be a threat. Six Invitational who are the top 5 teams in North America? TSM is the top team in North America at the moment of the writing of this article, they are without a doubt contenders to take the title in France. With players like geoo from Mexico and Chala or Merc from the US we are in for some showdown for sure. DARKZERO Esports and Spacestation Gaming are also top teams from the region but this year Oxygen Esports is also looking strong with it’s mix of experienced players from different countries from Canada to Brazil. Disrupt Gaming is also another team you should not underestimate by any means, I just think the others have more chances.
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