The 3 Most Crucial Fortnite News Pieces to Know Today

10 Mar 2023

In the wider gaming community there is an endless pressure on the development companies to either evolve their releases or see them die out. In the case of Epic Games and their flagship title Fortnite, the same concept applies as well.

As one of the biggest games and battle royale mods out there, the release has managed to keep hold of its top-tier status for years. When 2023 began, there has been a lot of information on how the same game is going to see big changes in the coming 12 months.

While none of those are true game-changers in any shape or form, all of them should have a big impact on the gaming experience playing Fortnite brings. Now, three of those developments are known and at least one is living up to the hype of Fortnite evolution.

Fortnite's current Battle Pass.


Gaming Perspective

The biggest Fortnite news right now is the potential for a new player perspective in the game itself. Since its inception, the game focused exclusively on the third-person perspective.

That helped it become one of the biggest game titles for the younger generation of games, but also gained a lot of traction for its novel building mechanics. Later, new players simply accepted that the same system is in place.

However, now the developers have signaled that they are preparing the first-person perspective capability. That would allow players to employ higher ground to gain an upper hand more effectively, but also do a bunch of other things in terms of FPS skills.

FPS Experience

The news that Fortnite creators are implementing the first-person perspective is not at all surprising. Professional teams have been asking to get the same feature for some time, while many believe that the FPS element could be the key for most future victory royale successes.

But, there are others who believe that this option will dilute the Fortnite experience. It will allow teams to practice FPS tactics, but also make the game less appealing to casual gamers.

Still, there is no denying that the FPS aspect will play a role in many victory royales. This stems from the fact that the dynamic of play from the first person is substantially different than the regular visual setup, especially in terms of a better aim. With that system, players will be able to gain the high ground and snipe at enemies with a lot more precision.

Besides, the first-person perspective would place Fortnite close to many other shooter games, including main competitors like Apex Legends. Many of them are not playing Fortnite, but the new mode might make them reconsider.

So far, social media like Twitter has given a very positive response to the upcoming change. Others expressed interest in trying Fortnite in this form for the first time. That is why the same feature should hit the game in the next season.

Old Location Making a Comeback

With Chapter 4, Season 2 coming closer, another big piece of Fortnite news appeared as well. That relates to the location called the Lucky Landing which will be present in the coming Fortnite chapter.

Lucky Landing from a bird's eye view.


Years ago, the same spot was a part of the Fortnite map and is remembered by many as one of the favorite places to play the game. Now, the same location is coming back with its distinctive design inspired by Japan and many additions that make the same visuals so recognizable and distinctive.

The location will have the familiar Far East-themed buildings and numerous pink cherry blossom trees. Also, the structure of the location seems completely in line with the same spot in the old Fortnite's map.

It is still unclear what is the purpose of adding the Lucky Landing, being that it does not hold any major significance or world focus in the original map. However, its addition is not accidental and Fortnite developers clearly placed it there intentionally.

Leaked Season 2 Skins

The relevance of Fortnite as a pop-culture phenomenon is huge, which is why there is a steady interest in all things related to the game. Collectible Fortnite skins are high on that list and people are more than willing to purchase or win the same cosmetic elements.

Leaked skins from HYPEX


For Season 2 Battle Pass, a very trustworthy source from the Fortnite community leaked all upcoming skins. The source is HYPEX, who was already behind many similar leaks.

Now, HYPEX brought the skins that will be incoming for this season. Immediately, it is clear that the game skin selection comes with a strong anime/manga influence. That includes the new Fox clan and its custom skin as well.

The skin economy is essential for the game and the life cycle of each new season. The leaked skins are already creating a buzz, and when they finally hit the market, Epic Games will feel it in their balance sheet.

Fortnite Battle Royale Concept

Out of all of the changes that Epic is introducing in Fortnite, there is a sense that for competitive play, the notion of battle royale remains primary for the developers. This free game offers friends a chance to play competitively, but without the pressures of an overly serious shooter like Call of Duty: Warzone, for example.

While the introduction of other competitive modes would not be the death of Fortnite, Epic is steering clear of that possibility. Instead, the focus of the competitive game remains on battle royale and 2023 will continue in the same manner.

Epic Games Fortnite Vision

The vision behind Fortnite remains squarely rooted on the idea of combining building mechanics and the thrill of competitive shooter. The new season will introduce a range of changes, obviously, but the core appeal of the game will not change.

Even the FPS feature will not drastically impact the same fact or move Fortnite towards other hard-core first-person shooters. But, things like the reintroduction of Lucky Landing and the exciting new skins show that Epic is not going to struggle with maintaining the popularity of Fortnite in the coming months. 

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