The best CSGO teams during 2021

26 Dec 2021

CS:GO Boosting and CS:GO Faceit boosting exploded in 2021 the big responsiblew was the return of offline events and Majors after more than a two year stopped. With 2022 coming and even more offline and online events we will be looking back at which teams did the best during the last year in the national and worlwide.

The best teams of 2021 and the ones that can carry their momentum in the next year

Natus Vincere

The ukranian organization had an amazing campaign during 2021. Natus Vincere did amazing while during 2020 tournaments were canceled they were secretly preparing to be the very best. Natus Vincere won IEM World Championship in Katowice and sweeping Niko G2. Records were broken and s1mple finally won a major trophy. This was Na’Vi’s biggest year in prize winnings ever, with $3 million earned just between PGL Stockholm, the Intel Grand Slam/IEM Cologne, and the BLAST Premier Global Final. They also set a record by winning the Major without dropping a map. This was the first time a team ever did so. 


We used to say that Astralias was the best Danish team for a long team but Heroic took that place in 2021 in a stunning fashion. The team benefit from the online stage leading the team efforts to improve was a great coaching staff. Reaching the grand final of ESL Pro League season 13 was for sure the grand highlight. The team still has a long way to go and that's why I think 2022 will be their year. 


Gambit is a russian team that has improved a lot since it's start. The team has the best CIS players or at least tries too and has both main and youngesters team. They count with Hobbit a major winner leading his team to places where they never imagined. In IEM Katowice they climbed from a surprising loss to Evil Geniuses, winning six straight series against the likes of Na’Vi, Heroic, and G2 to claim their trophy. But they didn’t stop there. They won trophies in IEM Summer and the BLAST Spring Finals while also finishing first at two different CIS RMR events.

Other important teams of the year 2021 and CSGO Faceit boosting secrets 

G2 Esports was not the best team in the world in 2021 but they came really close due to their consistency. The team was amazing and did everything they could to boost their level unfortunately that was not possible. Team Vitality also played what they could but it was not enough. At Boosting Market we will make a CSGO Faceit boosting guide. The plataform has given players a way to practise their skills as a team and indivudally and Boosting Market could not be left out thus why we invested in bringing many CSGO boosting services in 2021 including Faceit boosting too.

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