The Most Popular Legend Picks for 2022 - The Key Heroes of Apex Legends

30 Dec 2022

The last 12 months have been unexpectedly good for the game of Apex Legends. That includes Apex Legends Season 15 and the fact that the game remains as popular as it ever was.

There is no doubt that Respawn Entertainment is more than happy with that fact and that their developers are working on creating even more excitement for the player community in 2023. However, there are also many who are wondering about the impact of the last year in terms of the most popular Apex Legends character and their pick rates.

Thanks to some in-depth data about a huge segment of the Apex players, it is possible to figure out which are the most played legends. The same list of the most picked legends will also give some interesting insight where the game might be moving in the near future.

Season 15 and Changes in the Meta

Apex Legends Season 15 got underway and the players were more than excited to see the changes. It introduced a new legend, which is Catalyst and its new powers and ultimate ability. It also brought about a new map, called Broken Moon.

This was great news for all those who got tired of the same few characters many players picked as their go-to legends. Besides, unlike for example Apex Legends season 13, this update saw a lot more activity among the players on social media and other relevant online locations.

That boosted the influx of new players and how they perceived each playable character and their abilities. Thus, the Apex Legends pick rates also saw a change in 2022.

Popular Legends remained Popular

First of all, it is essential that the concept of Apex Legends did not change with the last season. Instead, all of the bedrock factors of this multiplayer shooter remained in place.

Respawn Entertainment understands all too well that their title inhabits a very clear and lucrative niche in the wider battle royale space. Thus, the overall popularity of legends in Apex did not get turned on its head. For example, offensive characters remained the most played legends for beginners.

Team Play Requirements

Another important thing about Respawn's battle royale title is that it is still very much mainly a team experience. The same reflects itself on all the data that season 15 brings to the table.

That is why Respawn Entertainment wraith is a very popular choice, but a team of wraith-like legends will not have an easy time in matches. Instead, each legend brings its own tactical ability and their synergies are ever-important in sticky situations.

Apex Legends Pick Rates Sample Size

The research that took a look at the Apex Legends pick rates did not encompass the entire player community. According to the Respawn Entertainment PR team, the game overall has over 100 million registered accounts.

But, not all of these are active and not all of the active ones participated in Apex Legends season 15. That is why a sample of 13 million active players was used to determine what were the Apex Legends pick rates in 2022.

While these numbers might not be the most accurate for the entire Apex Legends community, they are as close as possible and look at all the legends that made a statistical difference.

List of All Popular Legend Choices

Here is the breakdown of the top choices from the category of the most picked legend in 2022. The list might not be the ultimate overview of the same issue, but it does give a valid insight into what are the most sought-after picks and other legends that ranked well in the past 12 months.

Horizon (7.7 Percent Pick Rate)

Outlands provided Horizon with a lot of mobility. Her ultimate ability of The Gravitational Manipulator is a big help in overall team play, while her vertical abilities make her a big threat to all enemies.

Also, the Black Hole ability is more than lethal in the right hands. All of that is an interesting combo and one of the more diverse among the most popular legends.

But, the diversity comes at a price which includes having a lot of experience with this legend. That, in turn, means that many novice players simply avoid choosing Horizon. With a pick rate of near 8%, chances are that a new Apex Legends nerf will take her down a notch.

Horizon promo image.


Bloodhound (8.2 Percent Pick Rate)

Ever since Apex Legends came out, Bloodhound has been the go-to mobility based legend. There are other recon legend options in the game, but thanks to his Eye of the Allfather ability, he remains a great option and an ever-popular legend when it comes to pick rates.

His potential for helping out a team in a tight position has also become a regular element for many professional esports teams. This remained very true for Apex Legends season 15 as well.

Bloodhound scanning the landscape.


Pathfinder (9.2 Percent Pick Rate)

Since he appeared in the world of Apex Legends, the effectiveness of Pathfinder went down substantially. Furthermore, the developers kept spreading out his abilities to other characters, like Crypto and Valkyrie, for example.

That too brought down his usefulness and unique additions that he previously brought to the team. However, this legend still pulled a lot of weight in 2022, with a pick rate of 9.2 percent. Most of that boils down to his huge level of mobility and skills in maneuvering, including the great grappling hook.

Pathfinder and his grappling hook.


Wraith (10.4 Percent Pick Rate)

During the first years of Apex Legends, Wraith was very much the go-to legend for all manner of players. Here, her ability to set up portals remains a very unique asset for both players who wield her and their team.

Additionally, she is very hard to kill and has a range of options for all manner of sticky situations. That is why 2022 still saw her rank second on the list of the most picked legends in Apex. Chances are that the next seasons will not change that for this effective legend.

Wraith with a light machine gun.


Octane (10.8 Percent Pick Rate)

The popularity level of Octane is rock solid fact of Apex Legends for years. Since the release of the game, he has gotten a range of nerfs but kept coming back to the list of popular legends.

In 2022, Octane remained easy-to-use and exceedingly effective with his jump pad ability and other perks. At the same time, he is one of the rare group of legends that is as effective in solos as he is in team matches.

Because of this, he is the most picked legend of 2022. The coming year will see him almost certainly keep his Apex Legends crown.

Octane in celebratory mode.


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