Top 3 most expensive League of Legends skins!

21 Aug 2021

League of Legends (LoL) was born in 2009 and at the start few skins were available. With time more and more skins were added as League of Legends became the world biggest game and the dominating moba genre, a lot of skins were released. Being the world's most popular online video game with 100 Million players every month the game that became most famous for it's esports and boosting scene even without an ingame market like CSGO still has a huge skin community. And trust me there are skins that are worth money, a lot of money and buyers right and left to buy them even if that includes buying other games and skins with it. Although PAX skins are the rarest in the business time seems to see the big factor for when a skin price and we have consulted with some experts in this area too. They say time and rarity and the only big factors that pay off while looks might be cool too they are not the most important thing. Skins are important in Esports but also in League of Legends boosting services too since clients want to use the rarest and the best! That is why we have decided to make this top 3! Let us know what you think. PAX Jax – 200$ and still going up PAX Jax is one of Jax's 10 skins and this one is rated has one of the rarest and most expensive skins in the game! The untold truth that most buyers will not you is that these skins cannot be bought anymore! PAX Skins were never sold and will never be sold again! So if a buyer trust to scam you be ready they can reach 1500$ together. You cannot find them in the official Riot Games store, these skins are the rarest in League of Legends history. Black Alistar – The rarest skin not counting PAX Yes PAX skins are the rarest in League of Legends but does not mean they are alone. In fact Black Alistar is the rarest skin not counting PAX! It's amazing how this skin grew in price during the time. It's a fan favorite and few people in the world have it. You got to be old school to have this in your account and it's value is still in good shape nowadays growing at a steady pace. 1. PAX Twisted Fate – 300$ the single most expensive skin! The top picked skin for League of Legends MMR boosting and also the most league of legends skin ever created in the history of the game. Why is PAX Twisted Fate so expensive most people ask? Well that is easy to answer! PAX Twisted Fate is no longer available and you cannot insert the the skin codes they were disabled in 2014 all these crazy factors have led to people rating it the most wanted skin in League hands down. Rumors in 2019 mentioned that it could return but angry fans that had it made pressure to stay exclusive poor choice from Riot in my personal opinion.
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