Top-Ranking Guns and Best CSGO Weapons in 2022

21 Jan 2023

The CS:GO community remains one of the most active and focused group of players in any big competitive title. Counter Strike Global Offensive is today a top-ranked FPS thanks to a variety of reasons, but the active and dedicated player base is one of the most important ones without any doubt.

No matter if they are playing as terrorists or counter-terrorists, the players of CS:GO always look for ways to optimize their play style and also save money in-game while they do this. Because of this, there are very few weapons that can be labeled as useless and the same number that can be declared as the ideal option for all players.

Instead, the community is always on the lookout for assault rifles, machine guns, and all other weapons that can make that crucial bit of change in a match. Last year saw a lot of matches and analyses that examined the same question.

Today, there is a lot of data related to that, including elements like how accurate weapons can make a difference even with a slower rate of fire and many more dilemmas. The same set of data also includes the list of ultimate weapons in cs:go for the entirety of the last year.

CS:GO Development in 2022

The last 12 months saw several positive developments for the CS:GO community and the game itself. The most important of those is the fact that the year included a rise in the number of players and matches.

That came after 2021 and 2020 were years of stagnation and very little growth. During that time, skilled players remained active in the game, but the influx of new gamers remained incomparable to games like Call of Duty: Warzone.

But, during last year, the trend that players prefer CS:GO as their new go-to game for FPS action began to rise. That is probably the most important factor about Counter Strike Global Offensive for the previous period and a good indicator of things to come.

All-Time Best Weapons

Like it is the case with other versions of Counter Strike, including the now-legendary Counter-Strike 1.6, the list of best weapons is relatively short. Here, most versatile weapons mainly boiled down to a choice of assault rifle.

While players did regularly pick up things like Desert Eagle with its powerful pistol round, it was the selection of rifles that was the most popular choice. In 2022, that trend arguably continued, even though it became more nuanced.

Importance of Assault Rifles

The key element of an assault rifle in CS:GO is its combination of benefits. The Desert Eagle might have that ability to produce one shot kill situations, but overall, like many other niche weapons, has a number of drawbacks.

Any assault rifle, on the other hand, offers a range of advantages and no massive problem. These work well in close quarters but can also take on sniper rifle long range duels. They have big magazines, but a lot more power than pistol rounds. Because of this, it is no surprise that these rifles remain a huge part of the game in the previous year.

CS:GO Evolution in 2023

In the coming year, the choice of weapons in CS:GO will remain one of the most important factors for all players. Their factors, like fire rate, ability to take on multiple enemies, and other elements will influence player choices.

However, the success of weapons in the previous year will remain one of the most-examined statistics. While assessments are useful, the actual overview of the year that has gone by will be a much more useful set of data.

Top Ranked Weapons

As it was previously noted, the best weapons in Counter Strike Global Offensive for 2022 possess a set of benefits. Here is a breakdown of those top-rated weapons according to all relevant factors.

SG 553

In the domain of competitive matches for CS:GO, SG 553 is one of the in-game best-seller weapons. For rifles, this model is pretty expensive, with a price of $3000, but offers great stats against armored targets. Headshot kills that this rifle offers are impressive as well, so its purchase usually pays off in skilled hands.

SG 553 Red and Black skin



With a price of $1250, the MP9 is a great option for long-range weapons where players save money for upcoming rounds. Up close, the same SMG is very lethal and offers a huge rate of fire. For counter-terrorist, it is the cheapest SMG on offer. It is also a great choice for eco rounds in the game and 2022 did not see any big changes in that regard.

MP9 on display



Many professional players choose UMP only when they have to, which gives it a reputation of a gun that comes from necessity. However, it is more than lethal in terms of speed and damage. The slow reload time is a big problem, but makes up for it with a price of $1,200. As something available to both teams, the UMP is a good money-saver when a more powerful weapon can be purchased in the next round.

UMP submachine gun



With a price of $2900, the M4A1-S is not precisely cheap. However, it comes with an easily controllable recoil and overall accuracy. It has a smaller magazine and slower rate of fire than other assault rifles from its class, but still works great for those who aim for precision above all.




This pump-action shotgun is first and foremost accessible - it costs just $1050 and that is its biggest value. The players have to hit first with this weapon, but when they do, the damage is spectacular, which is why it is so present in the competitive domain.

Nova shotgun


Desert Eagle

In terms of economy and damage, this gun is definitely the cream of the crop. It is very cheap, coming at only $700 and its eco round is the one with the one shot kill capability. This way, professional players can really do incredible things with it individually and for their entire team's economy.

Black Desert Eagle



Many in CS:GO believe that AUG is the best beginner weapon and the previous year did not change the same outlook. This counter-terrorist rifle has a scope and will kill with a handful of well-aimed rounds. It costs $3,300 so it is by no means cheap, but it does the work of several types of weapons rolled into one.

AUG with a cammo skin



The M4A4 comes with a 30-bullet magazine and a price that is set at $3,100. Pro players love it because it offers reliable performances, like armor penetration where it excelled and solid headshot damage. It also comes with some of the rarest CS:GO skins on the market.

M4A4 in a black-based skin variant



With a steep price of 4750, the AWP sniper rifle does not come cheap. But, in 2022 it remained one of the best weapons in the game of CS:GO. It requires a lot of skill to wield properly, but with its huge reach, it is a true game-changer for players both novice and professional.

Gold AWP



The legendary weapon of the terrorist faction is still the best CS:GO gun in the game. It costs $2,700 and will take down enemies in heavy armor just as easily as those without it. Along with this, it allows for solid accuracy and a high rate of fire. In 2022, it managed to hold onto its reputation as the best weapon in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and 2023 seems to be starting in a similar manner.

The ultimate AK47 weapon


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