VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin Top 3 favorites to win!

20 Aug 2021

VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin starts in 2 weeks and we have decided to try and predict the top 3 teams with the best chances to win Masters Berlin. Riot as pushed the game forward and it's growing everyday, specialists claim it might be the game to surprass league of legends and CSGO but our boosting experts at boosting market believe it's too soon, still it's a great start for the game. In terms of the best teams Sentinels start ahead, they are the worlds champions and the other potential favorites are now out both Fnatic and Liquid are out. Liquid lost in EMEA challengers to the russian team GAMBIT which was quite shocking to the esports world, Fnatic didn't even make it to EMEA CHALLENGERS which means they are now in the last chance qualifier a tournament with only 1 spot available to the worlds where teams like G2, Fnatic, Liquid and more will fight for the chance to be at Champions the League of Legends boosting tournament equivalent to League of Legends worlds. If Valorant will become the best game in the world or not I cannot tell you but surely has the potential. Boosting services in Valorant have been growing and growing steadly in the last months witch is a good indicative. Back o the MAJOR which team is the best? Which will take the trophy? Check the full article to find out. #3 Vision Strikers After the disappointing performance at Challengers 2 KOREA, the team with the 100-1 streak is now back winning their respective region. The team is now more humble and hungrier to win. We believe they have a chance at Berlin but still Korea have too much to prove. Can they win it all? Maybe. Will they do it? I doubt. Still you have to put them in a top 3 so we did. #2 Acend Acend won Masters 1 and since then suffered some changes both in players and playstyle this has led to them conquering Europe and becoming very strong again. I believe they are the team to watch in this tournament. They are favorites and I think they might win it all. Cned is the best jett in the world trust me, better than Tenz. He is almost Valorant boosting at this point. Very very strong player indeed! #1 Sentinels Sentinels the world champions in title are amazing in every aspect. Valorant boosting experts have elected them the best team in the world before theyt even won Masters at Iceland. They made no changes in players but they refined their playstyle and won the north american Challengers. They are the great contenders to win everything. Valorant has never seen a better team until today so trust me when I tell you
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