Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik Power Rankings Part 1

14 May 2021

The first stop of international lan events in Valorant is Iceland, Reykjavik. Valorant Champions Tour was launched in 2021 and since then has brought us amazing matches like the Heretics vs Acend and Sentinels vs Faze . Services like Valorant Rank Boosting, Valorant Placement Games and Valorant Win Boosting have also rise in popularity which means Valorant as a whole is gaining a lot of tracking in the world. Although the global launch was done during the year covid hit (2020). Riot managed to turn something bad into something good and made a huge hit by taking CSGO basics and mixing them with Overwatch. It’s tactical shooter and hero shooter combined which boosts the best of both. Today we are going to do part 1 of our poweranking. We hope you like! #10 KRÜ Esports If you are from LATM do not be angry! Obviously KRÜ Esports has boosted some of the best stats you can find in Valorant. The team that will represent South America more specifically LATAM in Iceland is strong. Very strong. Vikings players have described them as contenders to surprise in Iceland. Still I have to put them in #10 since they come from the undeveloped region of all. They did beat the costa-rican organization “Infinity Esports” by a good margin. Still they are yet to prove themselves outside of LATAM and that region as a whole is not as strong as others. One thing that they have as an advantage is that everyone thinks they are the underdogs and will treat them as that. Will they impress? Or will they take the last place at the event? I personally want them to succeed but I need to follow the facts. #9 X10 Esports Reports from korean and japanese teams say X10 Esports is strong based on scrims with high ping these teams have fought out in the last months. They are the proud representatives of the SEA region and a force to be reckoned with no doubt. SEA region has produced some of the best boosters in the boosting game so we know the raw potential of their players firepower. If I am putting them this low is because Masters 2 is really that stacked! Believe me, it’s scary. X10 Esports is a team from Thailand and in the SEA region they have no rivals. Now we need to see how Valorant boosting stats in one region can help you against others. #8 Sharks Esports After leaving Europe in CSGO, the portuguese organization is back in Europe with a brazilian roster. Shark Esports came second in the Brazilian Challengers. Losing to Vikings and finishing in front of the likes of Gamelanders and Pain Gaming. They boost great players but also a great staff. Brazil is a region famous for its Valorant Boosters and there is a reason for that. Brazilian players are extremely good in the game. Is it enough to finish above top 8 for Sharks? I personally do not think so. But they will be able to show us just how good they are in Iceland!
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