Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2 Masters Reykjavik Power Rankings Part 3

We finally reached the end of our Power Ranking! On this part 3 we will cover teams #4,#3,#2 and #1. Who will win the title of best team in the world? And how does a player can do Valorant boosting to an extreme that he carries his team by himself? You will find everything in this article

#4 Fnatic Gaming

Why put Fnatic on 4th? Well Fnatic went through a lot of changes in the last months. They did the impossible by qualifying and finishing second in the Valorant Championship Tour EMEA Challengers Final, losing to Liquid the seeding match but playing outstandingly well. Now the world thinks Fnatic will boost it's roster even more with a 6th player but before we get into there please focus on the facts. Fnatic has very young players, not much lan experience and went through massive changes. Boosting this team as a coach you have Jacob "mini" Harris that is a massive help to the squad but still teams like Liquid, Nuturn and Sentinels are the favorites here. At least that's what I firmly believe.

#3 Liquid

Reports show that Liquid has 3 of the best aimers in the game right now in it's squad. Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom, Dom "soulcas" Sulcas and Travis "L1NK" Mendoza all have high headshot accuracy, the highest in the world. Is that enough to win the title at Iceland? Masters 2 is part of the Valorant Champions Tour. It's a major on is own and fans have faith in Liquid but I do not believe they can finish above top 3 and that's for one single reason... or two. First Koreans, second Tenz. But we will get there in a second. Valorant boosting is not for all.. but if someone can boost Valorant Liquid above 3rd place, that person is the ultimate booster of all "Scream"

#2 Nuturn Gaming

We all know how Koreans dominated Overwatch, an FPS made by Blizzard. But in CSGO they do not have a good reputation. Of course in CS 1.6 they had good players. Nuturn captain Kang "solo" Keun-chul was from CS 1.6. Now they have proved they can also be good in Valorant or in any game in the world if they want. In League of Legends koreans are also a force to be reckon. The reason why I strongly believe Nuturn will have a high finish is because they beat Vision Strikers, a team with an amazing 100 wins record that was finally broken by Nuturn. They have dethroned the previous champions and I did mention that as a possibility in a previous article on this blog. One more reason why you should always read our power rankings with attention! The odds for that one were big!

#1 Sentinels

They are the grand favorites to win it all. But will they win it all tho? Let's get to facts. First of all Setinels are beatable, we have seen them lose before even to no namer teams like "Andbox" that was a shocker so we know this roster can lose but the fact is since SInatra left the team after a sexual harassment scandal, Sentinels added Tyson "TenZ" Ngo joined the team as a replacement and oh my he absolutetly destroyed allt he oposition. That's how Sentinels got seed 1 in the NA Challengers. Will Tenz boost sentinels even further? I can't say for sure but I do believe that in 2 weeks Sentinels will be crowned as the Champions of the World. Stay tuned!

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