Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Day 1, 2 and 3

12 Sep 2021

Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Masters Berlin kicked off and what a series of games we had the chance to see! The matches went mostly how we have predicted but it’s still interesting to see things play out in an international event of this category! Group A the favorites and their victims who came out on top? Things start off with Group A where Vision Strikers, a team from South Korea beat Paper Rex, a team from Indonesia, in a close series that ultimately finished 2-0 for the koreans. Both teams have confessed they are big scrim partners in Asia so some people accused the seeding of Riot to be unfair still it was a fun match to watch with players like Forsaken shining from beginning to end. The other match of this group was Super Massive Blaze vs Acend, the Europe colossus played each other and again this generated a great controversy with Riot. Nonetheless both teams put on a good match but Acend is so dominant and unstoppable that they went on trolling in some stages of the match even giving weapons to the enemy team. All in all the group winners match will be Vision Strikers vs Acend. The best Korea has to offer against the best Europe has to offer. Who will win? We have no idea! Group B Surprises after surprise the Brazilian powerhouse Group B is one of the closest in skill not because the teams are exceptional but they are close in terms of capacity. Vivo keyd the Brazilian seed 2 really pushed Team Envy in both matches but the Americans ended up taking it all in a 2-0 fashion. Kru the Chilinean team went on a BO3 series against Zeta Division, the famous japanese team known in the past as Absolute Jupiter. The team from LATAM started good but the Japanese did a perfect comeback. They end up losing in the third map but still was interesting to see them in action! The winner's match will be Envy vs Kru. I think Envy will take this one without a problem. Group C the group with no history? A lot of people considered this group was easy for Gambit and 100 Thieves and it really was. Gambit swept Crazy Racoon 13-1 / 13-1 and 100 Thieves dealt with Havana Liberty the seed 1 from Brazil easily. I don’t know who will win the winner's match but my bet is with Gambit although 100 Thieves is a solid team the Americans will have to face the wrath of russian power! Group D The D from DEATH Sentinels, G2 and F4Q are you kidding me? This group has only 3 teams because BREN ESPORTS wasn’t able to attend the tournament in time due to visas. Sentinels boosting performances and G2 Valorant boosting experience led both teams to win 1 match each. The group is not solved yet and F4Q is a capable team but I think G2 and Sentinels will sweep this one and progress in the tournament naturally.
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