Valorant Europe's last Challengers event

25 Jul 2021

Valorant Europe's last Challengers event part of the VALORANT CHAMPIOSHIP TOUR is finalized. The competition is strong and trust me everyone will be fighting for a spot at the BERLIN MASTERS. All teams have gathered and give it all in a last effort to qualify for worlds. Who will be the best team in Europe? Which of these 8 will qualify for EMEA CHALLENGERS. And how is all of this affecting VALORANT Boosting. Our professional Valorant boosters have gathered and will in a short article give their opinions about the teams. This Challengers had many many surprises so get ready for a trip that will go through all parts of Europe. Rix.GG Thunder The british warriors have broken all barriers and predictions and against all odds have qualified for CHALLENGERS. Led by IGL and previous Overwatch Contenders star smoke player LATEKS. The team has 0 intentions of stopping here and wants more, much more. Team BDS The best French team by far, they are carrying the French flag to a new level. The team has made efforts to break into tier 1 and now they are closer than never. Can a French team reach and maintain the status of a Tier 1 team? A lot of acquisitions have made them stronger no doubt but I still have doubts about it. Team Liquid One of the best teams in the world is back in Challengers after finishing second in the last. The team is more motivated than ever and it counts with stars like jaimpi and SCREAM. All in all the team looks stronger than ever, many of the players are strong and in the documentary series released by TEAM LIQUID youtube channel we can see they are like a family and ready to take on all challenges by themselves. This is the time for LIQUID break their boundaries and become the best team in Europe if Fnatic lets them. Fnatic No surprises here. No Changes here. We are talking about a team that only lost to the world champions SENTINELS. Fnatic is the ultimate best team in Europe and nobody can beat them. The current European Champions don’t want to mess around. They are here to take it all and take revenge on Sentinels that have been basically VALORANT Boosting across the board. Cleaning all teams by themselves. Giants Gaming The spanish organization switched 2 players before the qualifier and guess what. They absolutely NAILED IT. I have never seen anything like this. Spanish teams were wild in the qualifier with 19 Esports, Queso and Betis also going far. The iberian peninsula is really on fire these days. TENSTAR, Alliance and Team Vitality the underdogs with a word to say These 3 teams still have a world to say but they are the great underdogs of the tournament. Valorant boosting is hard but competing at this level can get even harder. So even if these teams could have players capable of boosting in any rank that’s not what will decide if they can break their limits or not. They only depend on them to do it and even with a status of underdogs they can do it.
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