Valorant Guide | Best agents to get out of Gold 2021

08 Oct 2021

Valorant Guide | Best agents to get out of Gold 2021

Valorant is a game that has become worldwide famous for its variety and complexity with the playerbase growing and growing and having in mind we are talking about a Free To Play game trollers, toxic people and hackers started flooding the in game ladder to a point where a lot of people contacted Boosting Market looking for Valorant Boosting. To this demand we have up and running a Valorant boosting division with hundreds of Valorant boosting professionals and it’s the same professionals that today will be giving you the receipt to get out of Gold. Gold is the definition of elo hell to get in is easy to get out it’s hell! Trust me when I tell you it’s extremely hard to get out of elo hell without boosting help but there are also ways of getting out of it without boosting including insane grind and picking the right agents. Are you picking the right agents? Probably not and how do you do that you might ask? Well at Boosting Market together with our pro boosters we made a quick guide of the best agents to pick in 2021 to get out of gold!

Phoenix the elo hell destroyer 

2 lifes? No problem. Healing? No problem. Utility? No problem. That’s Phoenix for you, the best all round agent in the game. Think about this he gets 2 lifes, he has healing and amazing fire powers that can deal damage and… heal you! Phoenix is an absolute Valorant boosting machine and if you are against one you better be careful because they are strong as hell. Just look at how SCREAM played him in Team Liquid and you will see the potential of this agent. Also it’s perfect to climb because you don’t depend on anyone, just go for it, shoot, grind and have fun. This agent is strong as hell and will make you climb step by step until you reach Platinum and higher.

Sage healer or duelist or both?

The heal master from China has conquered the fans' hearts and for a good reason. Sage has healing capabilities but she is also good in offense in fact while most casual players use her as a stall machine able to hold the tightest angles, pros use her as a second duelist. You should pick her and by my own experience just by playing Sage I went from Gold 1 to Diamond 2 in no time. No reason why you can’t do the same but be advised, Sage is a role for support players you have a self heal yes but you also must put walls and slow orbs to help your team stop the enemy team also she has a rez and you have to use it in a smart way to avoid getting your teammate dead in the process!

Jett the killer

Jett has it all, pick her and you will see by yourself. Perfect if you like operator she is just amazing due to her mobility an easy pick for an easy grind, one of the best agents to do Valorant boosting and also to climb overall from a pro point of view to a more casual player! Her ultimate is also very good for eco rounds so give it a try!

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