Valorant India Conquerors Championship comes to and end!

29 Aug 2021

Valorant India Conquerors Championship comes to and end! Riot decided to hear the lower parts of SEA region and inveted them to the APAC last chance qualifier but with a twist, first teams from India, Pakistan, Afhganistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh would have to fight for a place in the APAC LAST CHANCE QUALIFIER in a tournament called VALORANT CONQUERORS CHAMPIONSHIP. Valorant teams from INDIA come in straight for the title but there is more story to it so stay tuned in this article where we go to each of the qualifiers champions! India qualifiers and dominance Velocity Gaming and Global Esports qualified both in India Q1 and India Q2, these teams dominated the tournament for a reason they are strong in strategy and power and thus a force to be reckoned with when it comes to these types of tournaments; the fact India is a big Valorant country also helps. Pakistan and Afghanistan qualifier Unfortunately after the events that happened in Afghanistan, Afegan teams or players did not take part but Pakistan represented the region well with both Team Salt Esports and Team Exploit securing PK and AF Q1 & Q2 respectively. Pakistan Valorant is here to stay! Nepal and Bhutan qualifier This one was definitely fun to watch! Damaru Gaming came on top and Valorant Nepal proved to be good enough to have a team conquering the local qualifier! Sri Lanka and Maldives Perhaps the least known region here, Crash Landin on You, proved to be on point; the team from Sri Lanka deserved to be in the finals of the Conquerors Championship for sure. Bangladesh Maybe one of the biggest surprises, Bangladesh not only has one of the best Valorant teams in the region but also rocks it’s own qualifier with players across the country. Good stuff for sure and I want to watch more! The main event: It started off with India dominating and it ended with India dominating. Global Esports proved to be once more the best gaming organization in India for a reason. Teams from other regions were mostly demolished by Indian teams and in the end the top 4 was three teams from India (Don’t forget that Enigma Gaming went through the wildcard qualifier) and one from Pakistan. The rest was history with India being very dominant, Team Exploit still tried and went to a BO3 with Global Esports but at the end India was destined to be in the APAC Last Chance qualifier!
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