Valorant major update on the way. New Filipino Agent Teased

24 Dec 2021

The new Valorant boosting post brought fans something they have been waiting for a long time. Both fans and esports pros alike have been waiting for news on the new Filipino agent and today we finally have some news about it. The blog post gave fans an insight of the agents presented in 2021 as well as some changes the Valorant fan base can expect in 2022 as expected a major update is on it’s way to Valorant and Riot is not stopping anytime soon with the new content. The new Filipino agent is surrounded by mystery but these are good signs that it actually exists. 2021 was a great year for Valorant boosting the agents Astra, Kay/O and Chamber were all introduced and changed the game in their own way Astra particularly became a dominating agent while Yoru was barely seen. The economy was also changed mid year with patch 3.0. Breach was nerfed but still sees play in some maps the game is overall well balanced and that is good news! 

What we know about the new agent: 

Taken directly from the Valorant blog we have this information: 


Mga kaibigan ko,


I’m not sure if this is tradition at this point, but I know many of you immediately scroll to the bottom just to see what is on the horizon. Hopefully all of us are going into next year with renewed energy, ready to take on new and unexpected challenges. Kicking off next year is an Agent who can outpace the rest of the roster, shocking the competition, and sliding straight into the fight.

Before they arrive, we are going to take our usual winter break, recharge, and amp ourselves up for next year.

Maraming salamat!

The agent should focus on speed and high mobility kinda reminds me of Tracer from Overwatch. They say it will be the fastest agent in the game, something that might be beneficial for Valorant Boosting while this info does not reveal officially the next agent it provides key info to know what to expect in the following year of 2022!  Not only that but the whole blog post teases many agent nerfs and buffs coming only time will tell how broken or not Valorant will be but I think it's going in a good way we have removed thosands of clients from Elo Hell to healthy ranks and we will continue to do it in the coming years! The future of the game is in good games and the future of Valorant Boosting is too with Boosting Market! 2022 shall be a good year for Valorant boosting for sure. 


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