VALORANT NEW ACT, new map, new season, new zed skins collaboration, new battlepass | FRACTURE | Patch Notes 3.05

10 Sep 2021

Valorant new season came out with a blast! This new act is as hot as it gets with a full new map in H shape that is making the community go wild not only that but brimstone, Sova and breach are all receiving major changes to ability damage since now they can destroy most of the utility that before would slow down teams. Not only that but there are much more news like the introduction of a 7th map FRACTURE a map fully load with lore since the map iteself feature two mirror versions of the duality realities introduced during Masters Iceland. The lore essentially created a way for the same agent to face each other since they are “clones” from different realities. Fracture tries to replicate that while still being an interesting and different map, one that we have never seen. The map is shaped in a H and has rappel ropes similar to Apex Legends. Valorant new skin line ZEED Collaboration with RIOT The new spectrum bundle is the most expensive bundle in history for a good reason. The weapons are amazing and there are multiple easter eggs like inspecting your weapon and listening to music and other stuff that we do not want to spoil! These weapons according to our Valorant Boosting team are the best ever but the price might be too pricey for some pockets! They have 4 variants: White, Black, Red, Purple. Which one will you buy? The knife also looks like a star wars saber and has 4 variants with it you can also count with a neat Classic, Guardian and Bulldog. Quite an interesting bundle if you ask me but again might be too expensive for some so definitely not for everyone taste too as some argue that the looks are too simplistic and minimalistic. New patch notes Sova and breach are all receiving changes in this act and they are the following: Orbital Strike (X) Now deals damage to the following: Killjoy Nanoswarm Cypher Trapwire Sage Barrier Orb Sova Recon Bolt KAY/O Zero/Point Hunter’s Fury (X) Now deals damage to the following: Killjoy Nanoswarm Cypher Trapwire Sage Barrier Orb Sova Recon Bolt KAY/O Zero/Point Aftershock (C) Now deals damage to the following: Killjoy Alarm Bot Killjoy Nanoswarm Killjoy Lockdown Cypher Tripwire Reyna Leer Sage Barrier Orb Sova Recon Bolt KAY/O Zero/Point New map Fracture the most complex since the game was realeased!! The new map not only is full of lore references but also competitively is a very interesting map. Our team of Valorant boosting experts believes it will be played at the highest level like other maps but different approaches must be made as the map is very hard to understand and play. Many valorant boosting clients are concerned that this might affect their ranks after the breeze release the sent more than 500 k players down to Iron/Silver and elo hell in general. We as providers of Valorant boosting will try to avoid the same catastrophe this time by offering top quality boosting for clients that are not yet familiar with the new map. Trust me, do not play competitively if you don’t feel confident with it yet! New Valorant battle pass and season! As always the new battle pass is amazing but a lot of people are asking when does Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 ends? The answer is in 57 days you can check it ingame as always can you believe it? Much simpler than other games!
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