Valorant new agent KAY/O revealed. Abilities, how to play KAY/O guide

18 Jun 2021

Valorant new agent KAY/O revealed. Abilities, how to play KAY/O guide Episode Three: Reflection was announced a few days ago and fans have been expecting this for a while. Valorant is celebrating its first year as a videogame with the strongest agent ever released that goes by the name KAY/O. This robot that seems that he just got out of the Valorant practise range has multiple good abilities, a teaser and even lore connected to him and the rest of the franchise. Riot innovated once more and KAY/O has a set of abilities unseen in Valorant like “Silence” something that we are used to in Overwatch with characters like Sombra but never seen in Valorant, Riot first FPS. KAY/O is a initiator and joins characters like Sova, Breach and Skye but we do believe he is much more with a set that goes from duelist to sentinel. This character is absolutely amazing and is deeply connected with the universe boosting lore. In KAY/O flashback you can see what we believe is the replicated version of Reyna. We should get more info about this in the release date that is scheduled for 22 June. Who is KAY/O? Which abilities does he have? KAY/O is a mechanically enhanced war robotic creature conceived to locate, find and neutralize radiants. His abilities silence all the other agents which are unseen in the Valorant universe up until now. His first ability reminds us of a molly but fused with a nade its called FRAG/MENT and does a lot of damage to whoever has the bad luck of being hit by it. Then you have the famous CSGO pop flash in the form of FLASH/DRIVE, this is a typical flash that you can find in other games, you just throw and it pops. ZERO/POINT might be the strongest ability we have ever seen and is used to silence other agents in a limited yet big area. Lastly the ultimate NULL/CMD applies a steam beacon effect to KAY/O that uses the same essence of ZERO/POINT and disables the utility of enemies, also this state gets the name of “Overloaded”. In this state if KAY/O is killed he can be revived by team mates nearby. How to play KAY/O Guide Valorant boosting with KAY/O will be meta. This agent is very complete and should be used as an offensive initiator like we have never seen before. Fans from FPS will feel some joy, afterall KAY/O is a very straightforward agent, it’s pop flash reminds us of CSGO. Its mobility reminds us of fast paced games like the original call of duty series. KAY/O will be most used to enter sites and nullify enemy sentinels setups. If you are a sentinel player in Valorant I strongly advise you to change role. How will KAY/O affect Valorant Rank Boost? Well, I can tell you it will be two sides of a coin, it will be good for Valorant Boosters, but also a challenge if they are up against another KAY/O. Still our professional Valorant boosting experts have been used to face worse ods and came out on top so should be fine.
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