Valorant Patch Notes 3.0 and game changes. The biggest patch in Valorant History

Valorant was released in 2020 during the global pandemic and expectations were high for the general gaming community but the game was also quite hyped up in the boosting community too, with clients doing pre-orders before the official release, Valorant Rank Boosting was hot last summer and we at Boosting Market embraced this new tactical shooter by offering multiple Valorant boost services. Last week Riot dropped it’s biggest patch yet, one that left fans' jaws dropped and that focused on changing and tuning down or up certain agents. After the end of VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík devs warned the community “We have been waiting for Masters to finish to drop our biggest patch yet” “We didn’t do it before because that would affect our athletes, they would have no time to practise”. We can assume with Masters 2 closed and locked with Sentinels coming forward as the world champions, this is actually the perfect time for a patch like this. Afterall we are still 3 months away from Masters 3 main event, although multiple players and coaches from teams like Heretics, Giants Gaming, TSM and Fnatic have complained about the shortage of time they will have to play and practise in the new map we do believe it’s for the best.

Agent revolution and changes in weapons. More CSGO, LESS Overwatch.

“Riot Games first-person shooter Valorant will have heavy focus on gunplay” A short sentence that would haunt Riot for a long time. When the game first came out Riot said the focus of Valorant was the gunplay but after several months that was not the case. Abilities were too broken, the game was looking more like Overwatch and less like CS Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege. With the focus on gunplay lost it was time for Riot to boost Valorant Weapons and nerf abilities and that is precisely what happened. The weapons suffered many changes, first Riot reduced the price of Shorty, Operator, Marshal, Bucky and the infamous Stinger. Secondly it nerfed the ability to walk and shoot (Seriously that was so bad) so now the game is much more serious and much more “tactical” to end it all bullet tagging was also slightly adjusted, before it was too noticeable and annoying!

Biggest changes, and how is this affecting Valorant Boosting?

Honorable mentions Omen paranoia is finally back to 300 credits. Skye and Breach have 2 flashes each now instead of three. This will make the game much more enjoyable for esports viewers. (Skye Flashes are rechargeable with a 40 second cooldown) Cypher is back in the meta with a strong change, not only it’s traps can now stop jett but also his ultimate is only 6 orbs. Phoenix, Ryena, Killjoy, Sage, Brimstone and other agents also got turned down with small nerfs in the price of their utility. We at Boosting Market believe this is great news for Valorant boosting in general. The game is now much more competitive wich means our professional boosters will dominate!

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