Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals! Who will win?

17 Jul 2021

Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals! Who will take the trophy? Yesterday the first day of the Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals went as expected. Great matches and many surprises. Red Bull has been doing Valorant boosting from the very start. With many initiatives that have me take my hat in respect. Campus Clutch is a tournament hosted by students from over 50 countries and thousands of players in each country. Seriously, they have been doing such a great job that Valorant boosting itself has raised among university students in the last months. Our Valorant Rank boosting statistics speak for themselves, there is not much to say, when it comes to youngsters playing Valorant and recurring to Valorant boosting is a train you cannot stop and it’s great!. At Boosting Market we support all types of Valorant boosting because we genuinely believe it can help you leave elo hell as quickly as possible. Isn’t that what everyone wants? Unfortunately there is still a stigma associated with Valorant boosting but right now it’s a small minority. Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals Group A The day started with group A, a group with BTR ( A team from Canada and the favorites in the group), Project S ( The portugue super star team that defeated UK and France to qualify) PLATOON ( Directly from BELARUS and a fan favorites) Mamas Boys (The OCEANIA representatives that defeated Australia in style!) MAXD (A team from Pakistan that surprised everyone) and finally Spainl.Dll the hosts themselves that finished last in the group against all odds. We must highlight the Canadian and Portuguese teams as these 2 teams were able to qualify. Canada almost had a perfect score and many stars. Portugal with a bit of luck and losing 2 almost too costly matches against Spain and Pakistan. The rest of the group went fine with Belarus ending 3rd which is ok for their level of expertise. The team that was not in the mood for some Valorant boosting was Spain that lost and finished last in the group. Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals Group B This group was interesting. Team Anubis from Egypt stole the show winning 4 out of 5 games. Secondly VAC Kimichi a team from South Korea also show what they were made of and played every well. You also had teams like Cataclysm Team that for me was the surprise of the tournament and won 2 matches against a team that originates from Peru and actually didn’t qualify but Brazil wasn’t able to attend and they went there and played their best. Bedel Ödeyenler and PXL Esports. Two teams that in my very honest opinion disappointed their country and their fellow supporters that traveled all the way to Spain to support them as you can imagine. Who will win Valorant Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals I think the winner is hard to call but I believe the Egyptian team, portuguese team or South Korean team have the best chances. Trust me it is hard to call a winner at this point all teams had good records. It’s gonna be very interesting to see these teams matchups and counter strats. It’s a team from Europe, South Korea, North America and MENA playing for 20 k $.
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