Valorant Vision Strikers made it to the world stage after 1 year

06 Sep 2021

The team with the amazing 100-1 streak that failed the qualification to Masters Iceland in Reykjavik has returned this time more humble than before, no longer favorites to win it all but with a spirit that can break barriers overseas. After not qualifying the team knew changes had to be done and they did them. No team in the world managed to put double-digit round wins against Vision Strikers and there is a reason for that the team strategy is sublime. The team synergy is almost like watching Overwatch boosting in the making with the combination of abilities and ultimates at a peak Korean prime. Every match Vision Strikers won in korea was a stomp. I mean every match. Although their past of winning 100 matches in a row in Valorant is far behind they are now stronger than ever and remember and consider that they did defeat NUTURN GAMING a team that finished top 3 in the Masters Iceland…! How does Korea stand in the world rankings? Korea is a region in development, Valorant is not even top 10 in the PC BANGS so you cannot expect the same success as other games however Nuturn Gaming did show up strong in Iceland. A fairly organized team for what it was so the question is can Korea get higher than a 3rd place in Berlin? Well maybe they can! With a recent wave of new players and several new clients buying Valorant boosting in Korea we have statistics that show the game is indeed growing in the land of the esports wonders. Still their player base must grow and rapidly with news China will ban underage players to play the game this is korea chance to grab it’s place of best esports country in the world and remember China did arrive on Valorant this month something that we will cover in a future article. Vision Strikers group of death can they make it out? Vision Strikers first match is against Paper Rex a team that finished 2nd in the SEA region and has an Indonesian roster. This one should be easy but the remaining not so much with the super Turkish team Supermassive Blaze and the best team in Europe Acend the korean chances are not high I must be honest. If I have to shoot a % maybe 30% chance of making it? I’m sorry but you need to understand Acend and Supermassive have insane mechanics much better than koreans, can korean tactics save them? Maybe. Counter strat might be the strategy here but the path is hard! In an interview to BuZz primissed the following to it’s fans: “We will put on a good performance in Berlin,” All eyes will be on us and we will try to win it." The coach of the team also promised comps and strategies that Europe and NA never seen before and that the casters at the international broadcast will be surprised. This is the roster they brought to Berlin: Kim "stax" Gu-taek Goo "Rb" Sang-Min Lee "k1Ng" Seung-won Yu "BuZz" Byung-chul Kim "MaKo" Myeong-kwan Kim "Lakia" Jong-min
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