Valorant vs Rainbow Six Siege vs CSGO what is the best game for boosting?

Thousands of people leave elo hell daily with Valorant Boosting, R6 Boost and CSGO Faceit boosting but few know from the booster perspective what it means to do profissional boosting. Which is the easiest game to boost? How real is Faceit boost really? Do boosters play in parties? What is the hardest tactical shooter in the world? To answer all this we have contacted our boosters and clients and compiled what we believe is a strong article that covers from the easiest aspects of tactical shooter boosting to the hardest. Which boosting service should you buy? Read this article and you will find out.

CS:GO boosting difficulty

CS:GO is the longest running game with boosting in history. People have been boosting in this game for more than 10 years but how easy it is to perform a boost in CS you may ask? It is terribly hard. Sure you might have boosted yourself some really low accounts but have you tried to do a high rank boost or faceit boost? You will be stuck in hell with players that do not want to play with you. To win you must have good coordination, insane mechanics, good game sense, good game knowledge, good usage of the best weapons and focus 200% in order to give it all and even so you might lose. For all of this we consider it really hard compared to Rainbow Six Siege and VALORANT. Still, these other games also have boosting issues and difficulties. CS:GO is still not the hardest game in the world for boosting, League of Legends boosting might be even harder and we can give it an honorary mention but today we are just focusing on Tactical Shooters.

Is Rainbow Six SIege the hardest game for boosters or a myth?

Lately I have read that R6 is the ultimate game for boosting which might be explained by the complexity of operators, camera spots and precise gunplay and wallbang shenanigans. I must tell you this is misinformation. Sure to boost in R6 you need to be accurate and have a good knowledge of all operators but still I would consider other games harder. But never disrespect or undervalue the work of a R6 booster. We are just comparing here. Boosting is hard no matter the game or occasion!

Do agent mechanics like hero shooters make Valorant the hardest to grind and boost?

Well yes, you do get Overwatch vibes in Valorant. Not only do you need the strats from Rainbow Six Siege, you also need the aim of CS:GO and the hero abilities from Overwatch. It’s kinda crazy what Valorant requires from a boost and thus why prices are sometimes higher but in order to remove and push out of elo hell a whole community Boosting Market has been making several efforts to meet the demand and needs of its clients in the last year starting in 2020 and still going in 2021!

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