Valorant world champions defeated | Valorant Boosting experts explain why

10 Jul 2021

Yesterday after a 19 streak without losing a single game Sentinels lost a BO3 format match in the Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 3: Challengers 1. The grand final winners of the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 2: Masters Reykjavik failed to win their match against XSET an American esports organization founded in July 2020 with teams in PUBG, Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege and VALORANT. The counts with the canadian player Jordan Ayrin He of asian descent most known for his ability to shutdown anything and everything that stands in front of him. The team also counts with Rory "dephh" Jackson a former professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who was most known for his time on Complexity Gaming. This was shocking to fans for several reasons starting with the poor performance of Sentinels and their star player Tenz. In games like the Australians Sonic and Gen.G esports the team already looked not so good. Lucky for Sentinels they are still in the loser bracket but things are not looking good for them with really strong teams in fron of them. But why are Sentinels performing so bad? We asked our Valorant boosting experts and these are their answers. Sentinels downfall due to the new patch? Valorant rank boosting expert “ValorandoIT” said he has 0 doubts the new patch is affecting the american team. He had this to say “ Valorant Wins Boosting, Valorant Placements boost and Valorant rank boosting overall is very different from competitive Valorant Esports. Different not because it’s easier but because there is an additional pressure from marketing companies, owners interests and money fights. If you ask me why they are playing bad I blame the pressure they are under to improve on a patch within less than 1 week… Are Sentinels still favorites in the second qualifier or in a lower bracket run? Well they would be in theory but they can also make a play nobody is expecting and bring Jay “Won” Sintra. The player was removed before due to sexual harassment accusasionts and is free to play in October just in time of the Last Chance Qualifier NA that will have 6 teams from NA and 2 teams from OCEANIA not counting Sonics that has decided to qualify through NA instead of Australia. All in all, I have to say Sentinels are still the world champions and they also lost to “Built By gamers in qualifier 1 for VCT” so you should not count them out in any way. This team learns a lot from defeats and Shazam is the mastermind behind it. Boosting performances from Tenz will also make a difference obviously! Is NA in danger of losing to South Korea and Europe in the Valorant Champions Tour Stage 3 Berlin? No, it’s the opposite. Sentinels destroyed everyone in Europe. So now I really believe that the teams that surpassed them are just ridiculous and insane and better than the Europeans and asian teams. Although I confess FPX and Guild are looking strong and Vision Strikers even revamped, is it enough to boost their performances? .
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