Warzone pacifc patch, new map Caldera and new game breaking bugs

25 Dec 2021

The Pacific Patch which has brought the newest map to Call of Duty Warzone, Caldera, has brought many new features, weapons, vehicles, and bugs something that left the Warzone boosting community super mad. This has became routine for the fans of the game and honestly that's horrible. The game is more buged than Cyberpunk. The new game breaking bug is so bananas that we almost refrain from putting it in the article since it's game breaking af and while good for Warzone boosting might be used as an exploit for other gamers and that is something that is never good.  

The new game-breaking bug that is infesting Warzone

The newest game breaking bug is directly related with ADS and his game-breaking... It was discovered earlier in the week and pertains to player’s abilities to aim down sights on sniper rifles. The proof was seen on reddit where a Warzone player posted evidence of this new bug, showing an inability to ADS while wielding a sniper rifle. The video went viral super fast on plataforms like reddit and twitter with the Warzone boosting community going completly mad about it. While many had fun and good time we have profissional boosters that have to work here we are not playing again similar bugs were seen in the past and that's not a reason for this debacle. Raven Softwares has this issue on its radar. The Warzone developers have worked good when it comes to patching the game since new bugs appear daily. Raven Softwares launched two quick hotfix updates in the same 24 hour period. With some much attention going into Caldera only weeks after its launch alongside Call of Duty Vanguard. 

The state of Call of Duty Warzone boosting 

Warzone is going through a bad time right now. Many people complaining everyday of many game-breaking bugs. The game has problems with it's graphics, mechanics and textures. I laughed my ass when I read that social media that some of the Raven Software quality testers got fired before the release of the new map. That was clearly deserved!  Other quality testers went on to protest and strike against the layoffs, over 17 days ago now, as they’re apparently still on strike today. “We have been striking for close to 17 days now with no response to our demand: those laid off from Raven QA must be reinstated. Soon we will be starting our paid holiday vacation (which was fought for by workers organizing).” This whole situation is kinda strange to me and apparently the biggest reason of this uproar that caused the strike was the QA testers being asked to move to Wiscoinsin where they would get a full-time contract and employment that never really happen in the end for most of them. This all put to together might explain the issues with Warzone right now. Usually during holidays this just gets worse since gaming companies go on holidays and take some days off if you want to see this solved better wait for 2022...!

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