When does Valorant Battle Pass episode 2 act 3 ends? Release Date, Tiers, skins, patches, Leaks, new agent, rank rewards

Valorant never stops to surprise us week after week Riot is going hard both in content releases, competitive balances and boosting Valorant generally. Valorant Battle Pass 2 launched with Astra a new controller for “Galaxy Brain” players so they said. Astra took over the meta very quickly with her amazing kit and that was no surprise. The real innovation this time is Valorant not adding an agent to the game with the new Battle pass. Since that’s usual, fans across the world were disappointed to say the least, however this Battle pass is getting a very positive reception from the fans when it comes to skins, content and even a new map. Some even go as far to say it’s the best Battle Pass in Valorant short history. We will go through everything in this article to keep you updated!

Valorant Battle Pass Episode 2 Act 3 - Skins

There is no better feeling in the world than the start of a fresh Battle Pass but sometimes fans do get disappointed and criticize Riot. This was not the case. The new Battle Pass includes three new skin lines, amazing gun buddies that even change color (that’s an easter egg that you will have to find ingame) sprays, and more! Depths is a skin set based in the Ocean floor theme it includes a Bulldog, Ghost, Stinger and a Vandal. Lightwave allows you to change it’s style with radianite which is pretty neat if you ask me, it includes Bucky, Frenzy, Odin, Phantom and a Sheriff. Lastyle the Songsteel collection that includes Classic, Guardian, Marshal, Melee.

Valorant Battle Pass Episode 2 Act 3 end date and rank rewards

Although the Battle Pass just launched we can safely say it ends on the 22th of June. The battle pass information is displayed in game for everyone! Just open your game, go to your battle pass and you can see for yourself! Also a very important piece of information This is the last Act to earn your Episode 2 Rank Reward, awarded after the end of Act III!

Valorant new map: Breeze

Full of open spaces the sixth map of the famous tactical shooter is getting a great reception from fans across the world! A lot of people compare Breeze to cobblestone in CSGO but the truth is you cannot compare them. Valorant boosting good maps is no surprise, but Valorant boosting an amazing map like this is really something. The map is full of life and might bring the operator back to the meta.

Agent 16: leaks, abilities, release date

Players thought a promotion on the Arabian Valorant account was the teaser of Agent 16 but it’s not. We have info from sources that say this Battle Pass will have a new agent but the agent will only launch at the end of May. The reasons why it wasn’t released before are being discussed worldwide but Riot does want to reveal it yet. We can only guess that the Agent was not prepared yet or simply they wanted all the spotlight on Breeze.

Valorant Rank Boosting - How to leave Valorant Elo Hell

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