When is Overwatch Summer Games 2021 starting date

Overwatch Summer events have been a thing since the very start of the game. They have inteoduced them originally in 2016 where Lucio ball and olympics skins were the highligth of the whole thing. The lucio ball mode had a rocket league boosting mechanic to it that felt nice and we even had Overwtach boosting orders for it specifically. 2017 OW summer event and the following 2018, 2019, 2020 disapointed the fans tho. Repeated content year after year left the fans terrible mad. Jeff Kaplan said during Blizzcon 2019 the last since the global pandemoc stroke the world that devs had ideas for new content but they were saving it all for Overwatch 2 something that left the fans and general public attending the event mad. Some of the characters getting new skins are Mei, Ashe, and Symmetra. We are talking about legendary skins and we had the chance to see them and we can tell you they are worth it. Mermaid Symmetra is probably the most expceted out of all of them. Lucio ball is also expeceted to make a return so local tourmanets of this niche game should return this summer. Legendary skins cost is capped at 3000 but you usually get one for free in the event loot box! Grab the chance as fast as you can.

When is Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event starting

Usually the event starts in August. Since Boosting Market does not take holidays you can expect us to do orders during this event! The kick off is on the 20 July and should last several weeks. Overwatch Boosting in all modes will be available inclunding streaming. Consider that Overwatch rank boosting during the summer event will also earn you several SUMMER EVENT loot boxes which is very juicy.

Overwatch 2 Summer event in 2022

Specualiton about the summer event making the transition to Overwatch 2 is just that for now. We have had boosters discussing it and we do think its possible. About leaks when the game itself is coming out we do not know much but must people believe its in 2020.

Overwatch 2 Leaks and new team comps with 5 heroes instead of 6

The community reacted terribly after the announcement of the switch from 6 players to 5 in Overwatch. Overwatch professional boosters on the other hand see no problem. They say they understand the concerns of pro players that will lose their job but that has nothing to do with them. Several people have come forward to attack Blizzard but few have actually came up with better ideas to fix the game. The game is in downhill mode with only Overwatch boosting to save it at this point. People are tired of ELO HELL and at least Blizzard is looking for a way to fix the game that right now is dying in front of everyone. After the announcement several pros decided to quit the game and go to games like VALORANT, CSGO and Fortnite. What do you think?

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