Who are the Esports Awards 2021 finalists | Boosting Market with services in 9 out of 10 of the chosen games.

Since the first year the Esports Awards launched, back in the glorious 2016 we were able to vote, celebrate and honor the best achievements of the professional esports industry. From community, content creators, competitive players, journalists and industry these ceremonies have been highly praised by the media. This year there are several categories that we deem interesting to mention although the star of the show every year lies in the Esports Publisher of the Year and Esports Game of the Year that this time will be brought in association with The Koyo Store. But who are the nominees and how is the video game boosting community contributing to raise awareness for several games? Find out in this article.

Boosting Market with services in 9 out of 10 of the nominated finalist games in The Esports Game of the Year in association with The Koyo Store category.

Yes you read it right, we offer boosting services for 9/10 of the nominated games. We take pride in that because from the start Boosting Market has made big efforts to bring the biggest variety of boosting services possible will maintating a top quality and cheap price and deliver ratio. But which games were nominated you may ask? Here is the list:

League of Legends
Free Fire
Call of Duty
Rocket League
Rainbow Six Siege
Dota 2

League of Legends boosting and Overwatch boost are perhaps the most popular of these, but we also offer 7 different boosting services in Call of Duty and have recently opened a CS:GO Faceit boosting option too. We still have Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Valorant, Dota 2 and Rocket League boosting services. If you ask me which of these is the favorite to win it all, I would say Valorant. Valorant 2020 was absolutely bananas an amazing year for Riot and this fresh FPS game. We met with 3 different professional boosters to ask their opinions “Divinityboost” a professional Rocket League booster, “EduardoboostingPT” and premier League booster and the infamous “TornadoETA” the best Rainbow Six Siege booster in the world. Their opinions varied choosing the top 2 and 3 but most were certain that Valorant was getting the prize.

Esports Publisher of the Year nominees, who will win?

Riot recently launched a “hostile takeover” on gaming. So it’s not a surprise to see them here. If there is a surprise I would pick Garena. Psyonix combined with EA also had a great year with Apex Legends boosting the game with multiple updates. Fortnite boosting its player base even further with content was also great. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was Activision Blizzard and Valve. Tencent finished the year in great shape, afterall the Chinese company is also going hard on mobile which might be the future of Esports ethier if you like it or not, all predictions point to that, here is the list of the nominated for the Esports Publisher of the Year.
Riot Games

Activision Blizzard
Epic Games

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