Who will win VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin? Valorant Masters 3 Powerankings.

07 Aug 2021

After one of the most successful weeks in Valorant boosting history we are closing the week with an even spicier article this time around we will try to see who has a better chance at winning VALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 3 Masters - Berlin. For that we have asked our best Valorant boosters from every region to tell us what they think! Who are the contenders to lift the title of champion and who will get the slot directly in CHAMPIONS finals if they win? The equivalent to League of Legends boosting in Valorant? Stay tuned in this poweranking article while we go through every single detail you can imagine about the best teams to bet, support and win it all. Disclaimer: Valorant Masters 3 was done with the participation of professional boosters. This is solely their opinion based on experience and boosting practise. First off we had to really decide how big this poweranking would be and while we wanted to go as far as 30 teams ranked from best to worse we decided to cut that number to 3 and I think you will understand why. In fact the hardcore facts and spitting the real truth most teams in Masters are bad. Are you shocked? Don’t be. Apart from Europe and NA and maybe Nuturn from South Korea all the other teams are extremely weak compared to Sentinels, Liquid and Fnatic. #3 Nuturn The beasts from the east as they are known this team has proved to be a strong contender to every tournament but more like a darkhorse at the same time. The team performed super well and even eliminated Version 1 a team from North America that was using 1 sub. Then they went on in a 2-1 battle vs Fnatic that they ultimately lost. Still they look great and Koreans are always strong in every game. #2 Liquid Liquid did not do well in VALORAVALORANT Champions Tour 2021: Stage 2 Masters - Reykjavík but since then they have renewed their team morale and strategies. They are now the champions of Europe in their own right beating Giants in the final of the European Champions Tour Europe Stage 3: Challengers 2. It’s almost like Scream is doing a Valorant Rank Boosting when he plays. Absolutely amazing! We want to see more from them but they still have the EMEA Challengers in front of them, still this team is now Europe's best chance to win it all. Trust me! #1 Sentinels Maybe not a surprise for many people, especially all my Valorant Wins boosting clients since I tell them everyday I can… The Sentinels are my favorite team and world champion. I expect from them no less than winning it all! Why? Because they have the best player in the world in Tenz and also the best team. They didn’t drop a map in Iceland, can you believe it? They are Valorant boosting and smurfing on tournaments right now. I want to see more from them but I think they will win Masters 3 Berlin Edition!
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