Why are Valorant Pro Players Unable to Change their Twitter Usernames?

18 Nov 2022

After a long and hard negotiation process, the richest man in the world finally managed to purchase the most influential social media platform in the world. Elon Musk is now some 44 billion USD poorer but richer for the full control of Twitter.

But, his new leadership immediately came under a lot of pressure as his team rolled out a range of new features. One of these is related to the blue verification tick that so far some accounts had to define their association or official nature.

By changing how the verification process took place, Twitter began a series of unintended events. The fallout from that quickly became huge and it even embroiled the Valorant player community.

Here, players from professional eSports teams saw that they cannot change their Twitter handle. That ability to define a unique username is very important for these digital athletes and the period that followed caused a lot of stress and headache.

Elon Musk and Twitter

Source: Mashable

Twitter Username Problems

The business name for any professional venture on Twitter is exceedingly important. The platform stops new username generation that apparently seeks to emulate account information and the same setup has been present for many years.

However, Elon Musk quickly decided that he wanted to make Twitter more profitable. Among features like the potential edit button and save button, the billionaire decided to make verification and the whole blue tick deal as a simple business venture.

For 8 USD per month, Twitter users would now be verified and have the same blue tick next to their Twitter names. While this was a solid concept for quick monetization, it created a total chaos on the platform as Twitter name issues exploded.

As an unintended result, Valorant pro players were left locked out from the ability to change their Twitter name handles. All of that happened at the part of the new competitive stage where their Twitter names are more than important.

Exploits and Quick Solutions

The problem with Twitter names became apparent when the Twitter users began noticing that huge companies like Lockheed Martin Corporation are suddenly sending out weird tweet messages.

These included controversial ideas and odd decisions that did not make any sense. But, the same accounts were not even actually those organizations - they were fake accounts that people created to use the verification change.

In other words, the downside of the monetization was the fact that it managed to create opportunities for scammers and trolls. But that was not all. It also managed to create opportunities for anyone trying to protest the Muks' idea of monetization.

To stop the torrent of these spectacular plays on Twitter's new policy, the team simply locked out the Twitter username change feature. Valorant pro players and the eSports organizations they belong to quickly noticed this in horror.

New Competitive Season in Valorant

The importance of Twitter name for any Valorant competitive player is huge. With each new competitive stage, these players often change their eSports team or organization affiliation.

As they do this, they also change their Twitter names and avoid having a common name. This stems from the fact that all of them have either big or huge Twitter following.

They also tweet regularly to keep their fans in the loop about the progress of their teams and so forth. All of that vanished in a matter of hours. The players immediately informed their followers about the problem, but most were still locked out from these changes.

Source: Contentstack

Importance of Social Media for eSports Players

In many ways, social media is the greatest weapon any eSports player has in the long run. That stems from the fact that here they can build an independent career of any organization and thus ensure they are relevant even when they leave a particular team.

The Twitter name change ability plays a huge part of that process. Because of this, many players of Valorant wanted Musk and his team to resolve the Twitter name feature problem as soon as possible. So far, that did take place with the postponement of the verification process.

Twitter Account Handles and Branding

The solution that the social media team generated for the Twitter username fiasco was simply - move the full launch further into the future. It appears that Musk agrees with this completely.

Now, the Valorant players will gradually be able to get their active nickname set and ready for the coming competitions. But, the issues that this revealed still shines a bad light on the new phase of Twitter.

Elon Musk Plans

The importance of Twitter both as a website and mobile app is huge. It is not the biggest social media, but the word-based platform is hugely influential.

Here, tweets from global leaders mix with information from ordinary users. Elon Musk wants to elevate the same platform to the next level. But, the user posts and each Valorant pro player comment show that this is not the way to do it.

Modern Valorant Relevance

The good thing about the whole Twitter username fiasco is that it shows that Valorant as a game is more than popular. That is good news for the Riot Games team, being that Twitter followers clearly care about this multiplayer shooter.

On Twitter, they can follow the changes in their favorite athlete's tactical abilities, team strategies, but also watch clips of sharp gunplay, clutch moments, and Valorant agents' lethal abilities.

The game is not huge compared to titles like Fortnite, but Riot Games can find solace in the Twitter fandom being more than solid.

Riot Games Options

The company behind Valorant could step in and press Twitter for more support for their competitive player community. So far, the team did not do any such thing, clearly waiting for the dust to settle and see what settings are still active on Twitter in regard to the usernames.

Instead of writing letters to Twitter or Elon Musk, Riot is just watching the fallout bring attention to Valorant. Ultimately, the user nickname issues might be a problem for individual players, but it is ending up as a solid free promotion for Valorant itself.

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