Why is Communication Essential for Climbing Ranks in Rainbow Six Siege

21 Apr 2023

Countless players in Rainbow Six Siege often find themselves stuck in their competitive game. That might happen even though they are individually very skilled at this FPS title. In those cases, the issue is almost certainly related to the way they communicate with their teammates. To help in that process, this guide to Rainbow Six Siege communication will help anyone win matches and rise through the R6 ranking system.


The history of Rainbow Six Siege is long and well-respected in the gaming community. The game was released back in 2015 and it quickly managed to attract players, regardless of their skill level.

In a short time, the same multiplayer shooter, which is set in the broader Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six series, became one of the most popular competitive games around. Today, its status is nearly identical, especially for those FPS gamers who are more of a team player.

But, because of Rainbow Six Siege complexity and team focus, many players tend to find themselves on the same rank for prolonged periods of time. These individuals fail to reach a new rank even though they offer substantial FPS ability.

Despite this, they tend to remain on a lower rank than their sheer prowess in this gaming genre would allow. In those cases, communication issues are often the key hurdle. But, through the right ideas and desire to progress in the skill of communication, any gamer and their play style can be drastically improved.

This communication guide is here to help with the same set of essential points. Thanks to the guide's clear and concise ideas, players will be able to play more matches with a bigger degree of success in all of them

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Why Communication is Crucial in Rainbow Six Siege

The main gameplay mechanics of Rainbow Six Siege are very basic and in line with a lot of other team-based shooters like for example, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But, R6 still comes with a range of unique elements and influences that are completely native to its ecosystem.

These include things like gadgets and their placements, sophisticated team tactics, destructibility of the map and additional elements that make it a lot more demanding. This turns the game into something very challenging for those who are playing in a competitive manner.

The fact that they are either solo queuing or playing with an existing team makes little difference. In any competitive match, communication skills are essential. It is also worth mentioning that even in cases where groups of friends play together, all tips for a way to better communicate are useful.

Otherwise, players might regularly find themselves at a point of impasse. The aim of improved communication is essential support for all who want to see their team consistently win in the ranking system, match after match.

Types of Communication in Rainbow Six Siege

To successfully improve the actual skill of communication inside of Rainbow Six Siege, players first need to understand what options are at their disposal. Broadly speaking, players can use voice chat, text-based chat and the ping system.

Voice chat uses a player's microphone and text chat takes place on the PC platform like any other chat protocol. The ping system and pinging is used to indicate locations of important elements to other players.

Pings are visual indicators to callouts, which stands for verbally telling a teammate about a particular development on the map. Text chat on the other hand can be useful between matches for discussing strategy among the team.

In general, the most effective way to communicate is using voice chat to directly get in touch with players. This, in turn, can be supplemented with pinging as a means of setting the exact location on the map where something is taking place.

While the means of communication are clear, the content should also be a big focal point for all who want to improve.

One of the in-game locations for R6.

Source: https://siege.gg/news/2901-what-is-the-map-pool-in-rainbow-six-siege

The Impact of Communication on Professional Gameplay

There are numerous examples in real-life esports tournaments and high-profile matches where effective communication made all of the difference for R6 teams. That includes the very pinnacle of professional competitions like the 2022 World Championship and The International 2022.

During these, new ranks of diamond players were reached by those who were able to engage in good communication. In all of these cases, none of the teams used any kind of new system for exchanging information.

Instead, the teammates simply focused on the tried-and-tested protocols. With them, the same teams managed to continue climbing on the professional Rainbow Six Siege ladder.

Strategies for Effective Communication in Rainbow Six Siege Ranked Games

When it comes to best practices on how to communicate more effectively in R6, there are four key factors to take into consideration. The first is providing messages in a clear manner and making it to the point in terms of information.

Secondly, messages should be given with clarity and without any unnecessary information. Thirdly, players should offer the information they want to share in a complete and wholesome manner, instead of giving only partial data.

Finally, players should make sure they are offering valid information. That means checking what they are giving to their teammates or highlighting the fact that they might not be completely certain they saw what they think they saw.

There are countless examples where communicating in this manner resulted in rank climbing and many more game wins. The opposite example shows matches where teams, even though technically superior, still failed to end up winning because of lacking communication.

In those negative examples, teams came up against enemies who talked better with each other. That is why they had an easier time reaching higher ranks in the game.

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Overcoming Communication Barriers in Ranked Games

Naturally, it is important to underline that communication of any kind is not without its challenges and issues. In Rainbow Six Siege there are also a number of possible problems that players might come up against and it is important to practice overcoming these.

First and most obvious is the language barriers. Often, in solo queuing, players might find themselves in teams with people who speak completely different languages. However, even then, most will have at least the understanding of in-game terms in English and these should be used primarily, along with pinging.

In non-native language communication, the focus should be to send short and clear messages. That will stop any team from racking up lost games quickly.

Besides, ranked games will also see a series of issues with personal issues. That might include other players not communicating, seeing teammates as competitors, constantly blaming team members for problems, and making wild assumptions about others.

All of these keep appearing even in pro esports teams. The focus should be on avoiding the downsides in communicating and gripping hold of the benefits and upsides of communication.

Tips for solid communication

Players should also understand what is the info they want and need to share with their team. The same boils down to the basics of callout and what information to include in these.

In an effective callout, players should share the location and direct action of the enemies. They should share the placement of utilities, covering both theirs and that of the enemy.

The callout should also cover what the player is doing or planning, being that the rest of their team needs to know it as well. Finally, any other significant information that the players have should be in the callout as well.

Tactical map in R6.

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With all of these ideas in mind, here is a quick recap of all that matters in the process of improving communication in Rainbow Six Siege. The main takeaway is that the verbal method of communication works best in the game.

Pinging system is a good addition to the same communication, but is not a replacement for voice chat. Too often, the lacking exchange of info is the reason why teams and even individuals lag behind in the game.

Communication problems like technical issues, language barriers, hostility and the blame game will appear. However, players should still continue to communicate nonetheless.

That process of communication should be based on callouts, where players showcase the location and action of enemies, location of all utilities, their plans and activity and any additional useful info.

That, and all other info should be clear, concise, complete and verified as much as possible. All of these principles apply to team games just as much as to solo queuing.

Sometimes, players of Rainbow Six Siege might need a bit of help from professional boosters. But, even when they are at the top of their individual performance, they still need to communicate effectively and these concepts will go a long way in helping that process.

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