Why is Korea so strong in Overwatch?

Korea is known to have one of the best and most complete gaming boosting grounds in the world. With renowned boosters from all around that world that have made it to famous tier 1 teams and even leagues like Call of Duty League, Overwatch League and League of Legends Worlds but why is Korea so successful? In this article we will try to explain the unexplainable, we will try to solve myths and preconceived ideas people have about the Korean boosting and esports scene. We hope you follow us with an open mind and focus on the theme that can be considered sensitive to some but is much more than that everything has a reason and there is no excuse for europeans and americans to be stomped by koreans it all comes down to skill and culture and a bit of luck and environment the fact is koreans have conquered every game they participated in, there must be a reason for this right? That’s what we are looking for!

Ping and internet connection the best in the world?

Many foreign players went to Korea and lived there for a while and one thing they all agree: Korea has the best internet in the world. A lot of players from teams like Immortals, Cloud 9 and Fnatic have said publicly they have 0 ping or latency to servers. Well with conditions like that everyone can be a booster right? Just kidding but it helps! They have been making a lot of developments there too in the local scene, something that helped too for sure after all internet connection is super important to gamers worldwide and people outside the scene can’t quite understand why.

Esports culture and PC BANGS

Why is Brazil so good at football? There is a football field in every school and corner. Well koreans are born with PC Bangs everywhere, what are you gonna do to spend your time? Kick a ball? Hell no if you are in korea you gonna go to a PC Bang and play videogames all day. Culture is fundamental to developing strong traditions in sports and esports are the same. How can we make the EU and NA better? Give the right conditions to these players to grow with and they will be good.

Racial concerns and misconceptions

Are Asians just better? Should we give up? No, not at all have you watched Overwatch League? San Fransisco Shock or Philly Fusion proved they can beat koreans when given the right specs, pcs and conditions! There is no such thing as “they are asians we lost” you can beat them but you will have to work for it we all do governments alike. That’s how it works in sports and in boosting. If we want quality boosters like they have in korea we must equip our professionals with the best machines and move them to countries with good connections only then the EU and NA beat Korea once and for all or at least come close

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