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Hello, I've been playing Apex since the game's release. In all 14 seasons, I reached the rank of the Predator. Currently, I have 10.000+ hours in the game



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Win Boosting

2 Win(s)

very good and fast

Rank Boosting

22350 > 24000

Fast, clean, this guy is a awesome player - If you want a reliable competent boost the number 1...

Rank Boosting

19600 > 20705

Always my first choice! fast, competent and extremely friendly player 10/10

Rank Boosting

14148 > 15000

If I could give him 20 stars I would. Incredibly skilled and efficient.

Rank Boosting

5300 > 9000

Straight up 11/10. As always a pleasure. Thank you for your service <3

Rank Boosting

8672 > 11400

Talented player and efficient professional.

Rank Boosting

2600 > 8200

This is the best guy you can get. He will be always my number 1 pick! thx man <3

Rank Boosting

10750 > 14700

Best booster, work fast and clean

Arena Placements

- 10 Games

As Always a pleasure - Friendly , fast, pew pew aim <3 much love

Rank Boosting

10504 > 11265

insanely talented at the game <3

Achievements Boosting

Legend's Wake

Super quick and easy

Rank Boosting

5800 > 8200

This guy is amazing in 2 hours he ranked me up a whole division !!! I will surely prefer him to get...

Rank Boosting

6800 > 7700

As always a pleasure <3 Nice, friendly, and very good player <3 clearly recommended

Rank Boosting

6800 > 10000

Got me exactly where i needed to be and communicated always thanks much for everything :)

Rank Boosting

8400 > 11400

This guy is amazing. He made it all look so easy. Really nice and friendly player. Always...

Rank Boosting

14474 > 15000

Travail rapide et professionnel

Achievements Boosting

Legend's Wake + Legend's Wrath 4

11/10 wow... this was so fast and clean. amazing player thank you for your service <3

Rank Boosting

7000 > 8200

11/10 A really professional and friendly player. Can't recommend him enough. Even if the fun was...

Rank Boosting

5650 > 6800

11/10 And once again he has proven that he is a damn good apex player. thanks for the fun

Rank Boosting

4095 > 5595

Even if it was only a short pleasure, I had a lot of fun. Accurate, sure kill, all in all 11/10 a...

Achievements Boosting

Legend's Wake

Did not take very long and good communication.