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Hi:) My name is David.

My main rule is responsibility. I also love to communicate with customers and i'm open to answer all the questions you might have in regards of this game! My highest rank is the Predator 100 (6/7/8 seasons). At the moment i'm full time boosters as my main job. Im working on PC. I can also play absolutely all the characters. I would be happy to work with you. See you!



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Rank Boosting

0 > 7200

Great Guy! Not only did he help me with my order, but he got some other achievements for me as well. Go with esma if you want high kill/damage games

Rank Boosting

7753 > 9060

good booster, valid site, order no. 3, fast delivery

Rank Boosting

6601 > 7200

Dude was insane! Was rlly thinking this was a scam like most sites, but it wasnt. Avarage completion time was 9/10hrs.. From 6601rp to 7240.. 2/3hours! Totally worth it

Arena Rank Boosting

7507 > 7900

Kill Boosting

20 Kill(s)

Realy quick , the booster was incredible !! Awesome !

Rank Boosting

5473 > 7200

Rank Boosting

12615 > 14500

Rank Boosting

5870 > 6800


Achievements Boosting

Legend's Wrath 4

Rank Boosting

1635 > 3450

best booster there is !

Rank Boosting

7932 > 9260

Rank Boosting

6574 > 7200

Really great guy ! And he was really fast with my order

Arena Rank Boosting

7539 > 8000

Top guy easy and quick

Rank Boosting

100 > 5600

What an amazing guy. Fast and reliable, also gave me some extra badges which I loved a lot. Definitely go with Esma

Rank Boosting

10000 > 10500

esma is best boi <3

Rank Boosting

8331 > 8531

Esma is best boi! <3

Rank Boosting

9400 > 10000

100% satisfied. Great experience, he knows what he is doing, great game sense and overall a great Apex player. I had a lot of fun too. I’ll for sure be back! ggs brother 🙏🏼

Rank Boosting

6471 > 7200

Fast and very nice. Great service overall

Rank Boosting

3478 > 5600

Amazing experience! Extremely fast service too!

Rank Boosting

6262 > 6784

Friendly and so fast and I recommend

Rank Boosting

9589 > 10000

Great service, great character - Just a lovely dude doing a phenomenal job <3

Rank Boosting

7618 > 9100

Super friendly and really quick! Had a great time talking to him and my order was completed within les than a day :D Lots of love and support to this legend! Highly recommend him to anyone :3

Rank Boosting

4900 > 6082

Rank Boosting

4985 > 7200

very good he was professional and quick! recommended

Rank Boosting

6606 > 7045

5 stars!! Always super friendly and fast service! 10/10 A++++

Rank Boosting

5074 > 5965

Amazing very nice and super fast work! Will come again!

Rank Boosting

5600 > 7200

My second time with Esma and WOW. He did the task so fast and with top game. I chose the streaming option and its fun. Watching him like its a pro streamer but it's with you account !!! Amazing I will do business with you again for sure.

Rank Boosting

2800 > 5500

One of the best !! Done so fast I would 100% do business with Esma !! Thank you so much !!!

Rank Boosting

4939 > 7200

Very fast! 10/10 recommend.

Rank Boosting

2500 > 3000

Rank Boosting

2083 > 3583

Best booster EU. Fast and fun to play with. I recommend !!!

Rank Boosting

5400 > 6000

Esma has been great to play with.. Service was fast, friendly and professional. 10/10 experience. Would definitely rebook him.

Rank Boosting

1530 > 3400

Rank Boosting

4088 > 4895

He was easy to talk to! And was very nice.

Rank Boosting

9919 > 10019

Rank Boosting

6257 > 7200

Rank Boosting

10823 > 11500

Esma is a machine!

Rank Boosting

2830 > 3800

Rank Boosting

6000 > 7600

Perfect service. Thanks a lot

Rank Boosting

4950 > 5950

Thanks for your fast and good service

Rank Boosting

17043 > 18000

Awesome experience professional and fast!