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Hello, I'm Saito. I am a professional Apex Legends player, non-toxic, responsible and punctual. I have over 4000 hours. I will be glad to help everyone!


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Rank Boosting

4778 > 7200

Best booster ever thanks Saito

Rank Boosting

900 > 4800

Rank Boosting

4523 > 4800

Did a great job absolutely incredible 10/10 would recommend!

Rank Boosting

7402 > 7900

wonderfully quick and kind as per usual- if you're looking for fast, safe and efficient boosting, Saito is the one to go to <3

Rank Boosting

6293 > 7200

really fast to complete me order amazing service

Rank Boosting

6754 > 7100

Lovely and fast as always! <3

Rank Boosting

4431 > 7200

Great Job

Kill Boosting

250 Kill(s)

Amazing service! Completed so fast!

Rank Boosting

4300 > 4690

They were so fast and lovely, making sure I was aware they were going to be using my account and the like. I'm genuinely impressed at how efficient they were <3

Rank Boosting

4274 > 5146

Saito my man!!!! Cheers mate.. highly recommended the service is awesome quick and it

Rank Boosting

6975 > 7200

Rank Boosting

6241 > 6700

Rank Boosting

3878 > 4800

Saito it’s really awesome I recommend him 100% thanks buddy.!!!

Rank Boosting

6817 > 7200

Kill Boosting

199 Kill(s)

Kill Boosting

301 Kill(s)

Win Boosting

5 Win(s)

Kill Boosting

101 Kill(s)

Rank Boosting

5160 > 6100

Great site highly recommend everyone was on the same page booster was really good and played as a good teammate!!!

Rank Boosting

5017 > 7200