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Aizen Sōsuke


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Working on an order


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The following booster has been awarded the VIP status for the current month. This means he completed the most orders in his category maintaining the highest win rates achievable in the lowest amount of time.

1 Free win if you assign me/select me as your booster! 2 Free wins if its a long order! You see working an order because i am also doing duo boosts and my customers can be afk, so if i'm on your order i'm NOT too busy for it and it will be my job with a minimum of 6+ games per day, i am ready for your order, now i am 3200 elo in faceit and Global Elite in game.
I can play mostly anything you want, 2 years high elo coaching experience, I will always try my best to meet your criteria of a booster and more.


Level 10



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Rank Boosting

Silver 4 > Silver Elite Master

5 star for Aizen. 1 star for Dante/Lucas.

Win Boosting

Silver Elite Master - 6 Win(s)


Faceit Wins Boosting

Level 7 - 1 Win(s)


Rank Boosting

Gold Nova 3 > Gold Nova Master

Top service

Win Boosting

Legendary Eagle Master - 1 Win(s)

Nice and quick!

Faceit Wins Boosting

Level 7 - 2 Win(s)


Rank Boosting

Gold Nova 1 > Master Guardian 1

Great player, very patient and careful, Thank you for the boost and have a great time! :)

Win Boosting

Silver 2 - 2 Win(s)

It took a while for the website to find a booster but this booster was great he did it in no time...

Wingman Boost

Master Guardian 2 > Distinguished Master Guardian

good booster

Faceit Rank Boosting

1568 > 1760

he did it as fast as possible, recommend!!

Faceit Boosting

Level 1 > Level 2

great booster done quick and nice

Rank Boosting

Gold Nova 1 > Gold Nova 3

Great booster!!!