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Hello, my name is Kxvsu. I am a fast worker; if I receive an order I will do it as fast as possible.
I can do Solo Que, I would love to play with you in Duo Que, I also do Streaming if requested.
I have peaked Rank #1 Combined S34 in EU on console ; I can also play PC games at a high level.
Feel free to select me as your *Specific Booster* and feel free to leave reviews of my work.


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Placements Games

Unranked - 7 Games

Professional, fast and a chill guy

Ranked Wins

Master 5 - 5 Games

Super Brilliant as always!! Thank you :D

Placements Games

Platinum 4 - 7 Games

Just the very best!!!

Placements Games

Platinum 5 - 4 Games

I was so lucky to have this booster :)) Kxvsu is the best!! Just the greatest skills that I have...

Placements Games

Gold 1 - 7 Games

Kxvsu was incredibly fast and was recalls friendly to chat too. Highly highly recommended :)

Placements Games

Unranked - 6 Games

Very nice guy. Extremely patient while I finished my 50 required quickplay wins on OW2. Won all of...

Rank Boosting

Bronze 1 > Silver 5

kxvsu is amazing, I would recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable fast boost. Completed my...

Rank Boosting

Master 2 > Grandmaster 4

Fast and efficient and polite.

Ranked Wins

Diamond 1 - 5 Games

Nice person friendly. Will dominate games

Rank Boosting

Master 1 > Grandmaster 5

Very Very Quick!

Rank Boosting

Platinum 1 > Diamond 5

Really good and fast

Ranked Wins

Diamond 5 - 1 Games

order was done immediately and he won so overall great experience

Ranked Wins

Gold 3 - 2 Games

He did awesome!

Placements Games

Diamond 3 - 1 Games

Amazing. Fast, friendly, and helpful. 5 out of 5

Rank Boosting

Master 2 > Grandmaster 5

Best booster I have had so far, fast and efficient!

Ranked Wins

Gold 3 - 4 Games

Was a nice guy with fast order

Ranked Wins

Platinum 1 - 5 Games

5/5 very friendly and also a high skilled Player. I would definitely recommend <3

Ranked Wins

Gold 4 - 3 Games

great job from Kxvsu as usual! if I come back it's because the boosters are pro on this website.

Rank Boosting

Grandmaster 4 > Grandmaster 3

Did a great job 8-2 and quickly

Duo Boosting

Diamond 1 > Master 5

The guy managed to duoQ carry a pleb like to Masters, I'm sure he can carry you to the Moooonnnnn!

Rank Boosting

Diamond 3 > Diamond 1

Very good and friendly I recommend.

Ranked Wins

Diamond 3 - 10 Games

10/10 recommended!

Rank Boosting

Silver 4 > Silver 3

Good, friendly, fast, reliable! :D

Duo Boosting

Gold 1 > Diamond 5

Friendly, Encouraging, Accommodating, Fast!

Ranked Wins

Platinum 3 - 7 Games

he did great!

Rank Boosting

Silver 1 > Platinum 5

Very fast, Very nice, Very happy!

Ranked Wins

Gold 2 - 2 Games

Friendly. Great player