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Hello! I’m Seiden, I started playing on PC when rolequeue came out and peaked at 4450sr at season 22. For soloqueue orders, I'm able to stream on youtube or twitch, talk to you while i'm playing and also share with you some tips! For duoqueue orders, we can directly use voicechat to talk about the game or any question that you might have.


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Rank Boosting

Master 2 > Master 1

Dude was really chill and super easy to talk too, he was an even better booster honestly the best...

Rank Boosting

Diamond 2 > Master 5

Fast and friendly!

Placements Games

Unranked - 4 Games

Booster was very professional and extremely efficient. Will definitely use again.

Rank Boosting

Platinum 2 > Platinum 1

Great work, fast and effective! would recommend 11/10

Rank Boosting

Master 4 > Master 3

Great one

Placements Games

Unranked - 7 Games

super booster, no need to say more

Duo Boosting

Silver 2 > Gold 5

very skilled dude , and very fast, wow! <3

Ranked Wins

Bronze 3 - 4 Games

Great boost all around - Polite booster, really gave me some good tips and info.

Ranked Wins

Bronze 1 - 7 Games

Seiden was really brilliant. Prompt Delivery & Fantastic Gameplay. 10/10. I'll definetely be...